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Regarding CCWs, generally the Sheriff’s Department will call your employer only if they cannot verify your employment any other way.  They will also call if you state in your good cause that your employer is requiring you to have a CCW for your job.  You are not required to provide written permission from your employer to get a CCW unless you state that your job is requiring you to get a CCW.  When you write your good cause, you must be very clear on whether or not your employer is requiring you to get a CCW.


After you have provided verification of employment (if required), if you are still asked for written authorization to carry on the job from your employer, respectfully request to submit your CCW package “as is”.  We recommend that if they do have to call your employer, give them a contact who is expecting their call.  




The nature of the business or occupation of the applicant is such that it is subject to personal risk and / or criminal attack, greater than the general population because: My wife and I run an online retail business. Amazon and Ebay. We ship items all over the United States. We have huge amounts inventory that we warehouse using storage units and currently a home business office. Inventory can be anything from lotions and potions, candles, toys and personal electronics, all just depending on the season. We make several trips a day from our home office to the storage unit and back to pull inventory, to process customer orders or during replenishing inventory. 


The storage units are open for extended periods of time throughout the day during these activities. It would be easy for someone with criminal intent to notice our comings and goings, get a look at our set up and plan a criminal attack to bring damage or harm to my business and or myself or my wife. We have tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise we store mostly at the storage units but in our home as well.We also go all around San Diego county buying merchandise. We go to places like Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Big Lots, Ross, Marshall’s, Home Goods and several more. Being an online retailer, our inventory is varied as we will shop for closeouts and discontinued items not only locally but on the web as well, buying excessive amounts of merchandise. 


We will spend thousands of dollars at a time at any given location that requires several trips from store to parking lot to get loaded in our vehicle. Since the back of the truck is open one of us stays with the vehicle. We will literally buy the entire shelf of an item in stock that meets our buying criteria. We have on many occasions had individuals stop us and ask us “what we are doing, why are you buying all this”. Honestly a strange feeling. It’s easy to see what we are purchasing and how much we are purchasing. Because of the excessive quantities we buy the situation place’s us at a disadvantage and greater risk of criminal attack and possibly bodily harm.


Thank you for your consideration.



To the Carry Concealed Weapons Review Board:


I, XXXX, a 52-year-old Orthodox Jewish male, a father with a wife, two minor children and as Business Owner do hereby request a CCW permit for my protection. I am the owner of XXXXXXXX Enterprises, Inc and operate the XXXX bakery (XXXXX) in City of San Diego or more specifically, located in the XXXX area, just steps from the trolley station and backed up to the San Diego Riverbed, an area now with a large homeless and drug problem.


The last 18 months we have experienced a growing problem with aggressive homeless and drug users walking into our business at all hours of the day and evenings. As a bakery we operate basically 24 hours a day. I spend a portion of the early mornings alone in the offices (5am-8am) with no other employees or other business in the industrial park open. I have been on several occlusions face to face with these types of persons asking them to leave my business, fearful of what they might to thinking of doing for ether money, food or equipment they may steal. The San Diego Police Department has been called on a regular basis (see police report and emails to Management Company) and they recognize the issue I am facing daily, having tried to step up patrol. However, as a Sergeant on one such visit told me, “Police work is being there in minutes, when seconds count” and I need to think about my own protection.


To complicate matters, I am an Orthodox Jewish male and wear a yarmulke (skullcap) at all times. My appearance unfortunately in our day and age, automatically puts a target on my back not only when dealing with these individuals but also when walking through the College Area Friday nights and Saturdays on my family’s way to Synagogue. My family and I have been yelled at, called horrible names, threatened, had things thrown at us and once confronted face to face by people wishing us ill will. It seems that it is getting worst and bolder and I have a family to look out for.


A permit to carry a weapon is not something that I take lightly or certainly something that I thought that I would feel necessary, however in light of the experiences I have had in the past 18 months, it is something I have come to feel is a necessity for my personally wellbeing. I pray to G-d, I’m never backed into the situation where I feel the need to unholster my weapon.


Thank you for your time and consideration,





I, xxxxxxx, am a contractor & furniture maker, and I carry valuable machinery and high-end furniture with me in the course of my daily work, to various locations throughout the county.


I am always concerned that a criminal may target me to attack me, causing injury or death, in order to steal my expensive tools, materials, or the furniture I have made.  My customers are both residential and commercial, and are located all throughout the county, including high-crime areas and areas with spotty cell service, so it may be impossible for me to call for help.  My hours vary according to my customers’ needs, so I may work at night, or early in the morning. 


My work is often part of a major remodel of  a home or business which includes other workers besides myself.  Many times, I have been at a job site where undocumented day laborers are employed, and valuable tools have gone missing.  I am afraid that if I confront someone about having taken my tools, I am putting myself at risk of attack, injury, or death.   I am often required to park far away from my job site and carry my tools and valuable materials to my work area.  This also puts me at great risk for being ambushed or attacked.


I have been a shooter for over 40 years.  In this time, I have held NRA certificates for teaching and Range Safety Officer, I have mentored at NRA and other shooting events, and I have taught 4H students how to shoot.


In order keep myself safe in the above-mentioned situations, I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit. 



The nature of my business or occupation is such that it is subject to personal risk and / or criminal attack, greater than the general population. The reason for this increased risk is that I work for a mobile therapy company which provides physical therapy services across San Diego County. I am responsible for treating patients in their places of residence across a large area of North County (my territory is Oceanside to Del Mar to Poway to Escondido) as well as providing in-service training and staff development at client assisted living facilities within my territory. Being a licensed clinician working in this setting exposes me to greater risk than the average population as I am frequently in unfamiliar areas, entering unfamiliar homes and meeting patients/families and their pets without any other personnel accompanying me. Secondarily, I am easily identifiable as a healthcare professional as my uniform consists of scrubs and my name tag, as well as the fact that I carry my work bag which contains valuables (easily in excess of $1000 value) such as medical equipment, a laptop, and protected patient information such as charts, billing information, consent forms etc. Thirdly, the nature of my job frequently requires me to be in compromised positions (kneeling on the floor, exposing my back to strangers in the home while working with the patient, moving to and from my vehicle in unfamiliar areas) from which it would be difficult to recover if something were to happen. 


Finally, my primary mode of transportation is a BMW motorcycle which not only offers me little in the way of protection (no windows, door locks, etc.), but which also could unfortunately attract the wrong kind of attention and when coupled with my attire subjects me to increased risk.There are ways to attempt to negate some of the risk associated with visiting patients in their homes such as trying to always be aware of your surroundings and attempting to time your visits to minimize risk (for example when I work in high crime areas of Escondido, I will schedule those patients early in the morning as those areas seem to have less people loitering during that time)… but this cannot be done at all times. There have been many instances of home health clinicians being attacked, injured, and in rare cases even killed while attempting to care for patients in this setting. Without anyone around for support and unknown/unpredictable environments, the risk is certainly greater than that faced by the general population. This increased risk is supported by research and I have provided some as a supplement to my application.


My firearms proficiency consists of the basic handgun safety certificate, as well as semi-regular (once every month or two) recreational shooting. Additionally, I have 5 years’ experience (2005-2010) working in a locked psychiatric ward in which I frequently had to de-escalate patients and in which I was regularly trained in the prevention and management of assaultive behavior. I have worked in home health part time since 2011, and full time since 2013 with xxxxxx.



I am an engineer at in . I hold a Top Secret security clearance which allows access to information which, if lost, would cause extraordinarily grave harm to our nation’s security. While I am not at liberty to disclose my specific assignment, I can state that my employer is a provider of military aircraft and other systems. These systems and technologies are used for a wide range of missions important to our country’s defense.As an engineer, I am knowledgeable about the entire system for which I am responsible. Thus I am in possession of information about that system’s capabilities and vulnerabilities, which if lost, would be extremely damaging to our nation’s security.My own personal information and that of all of my family members was lost in data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management and Anthem health insurance in 2015 and several other breaches since then. According to media reports, foreign intelligence services are actively exploiting the information lost in those breaches, making me and my family vulnerable to those foreign intelligence services.At work I am protected by strong physical security such as secure spaces and guards. Some of my work locations are protected by armed guards. But I have no protection when away from work.I am requesting a CCW for personal protection when I am off duty and away from the security provided by my employer.



The nature of my occupation is such that it is subjecting me to personal risk and criminal attack, greater than the general population because I am a Vice President and real estate loan officer of a local bank.  I have worked at **bank and address redacted** since 2012.  I am one of ten people with a key card and codes that allow me to access the entire bank.  I typically work well past the bank’s business hours and am often the last one to leave the building.  The bank is only open Monday thru Friday, but I often work Saturdays and am the only person in the building.  My business card identifies me as Vice President.  This puts me at extreme risk because a criminal may identify my job title and ambush me to gain access to the bank.  In addition, part of my job is as a real estate loan officer where I analyze real estate and decide whether or not the bank should make a loan.  This involves visiting each property to verify its location, condition, occupancy and the quality of the surrounding neighborhood.  I visit properties all over Southern California and sometimes in Northern California, they are often in bad neighborhoods or remote areas, and I sometimes visit them at night. 


I have been shooting pistols and rifles for over 30 years and am very experienced with firearm safety.  I have taken several pistol shooting courses, shot in several United States Practical Shooting Association tactical shooting matches, and even instructed classes for new shooters on pistol safe practices and marksmanship.  I spent four years as a Marine Corps officer where I qualified three times out of three as an expert marksman in both rifle and pistol.  As a Marine I often carried a loaded pistol while acting as officer-of-the-day and carried one daily for six months while deployed to Afghanistan.  I take firearms safety very seriously. 



I am an employee of xxx, a firearms dealer in xxx San Diego

.Address: xxx

Hours: xxx

At xxx I regularly open and close the shop by myself. The procedure requires me to arm and disarm alarm codes and know the vault combinations. The ingress and egress of the building is in the rear and makes me an easy target.In addition, I transport guns and gun parts to other gun shops to facilitate transfers, maintenance and machining. I also transfer guns to many charity events. In these events I must “baby sit” the guns until it is safely returned to the gun shop. In addition to the two jobs. I have a certificate of eligibility (COE) and have had firearms training in Handgun and Rifle. Both handgun and rifle training have been done in Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada and with Active Shooter Defense School in Alpine, Ca.



I, xxxxxxxx, am employed by xxxxxxxx as a xxxxxxxx, and my work day begins at 6:30am.  I have an autoimmune disorder called CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy).  CIDP is a neuropathy which has caused nerve damage and muscle loss in my feet and legs, and loss of feeling in my toes. It makes it impossible for me to run, or even walk quickly.  My condition will likely not improve, but my neurologist has recommended daily walking to help maintain my current level of mobility.


Due to my condition and my work hours, I need to walk early in the morning starting at 5:30am when it is usually still dark, or barely light.  I live in a remote area with dirt roads, long stretches in between houses, lots of trees and brush, and a dry creek bed.  Unfortunately, these are all ideal hiding places for Ramona’s homeless population.  Since crime, mental illness, and drug use are known to be prevalent among the homeless community, I feel I am at risk for being attacked, injured, or killed.  Two times in my walks this year, a man has suddenly emerged from the overgrown creek bed area.  I have also found several spots under trees alongside the roads where a homeless person has left their bedding and belongings. 


These conditions also make my neighborhood a desirable home and hunting ground to coyotes.  They have become a big problem over the past few years, with many being sighted, pets and livestock killed, and even humans threatened.  They seem to be getting more and more brave.  I see coyotes about every week, and I am afraid they will attack me. 


It’s extremely important to my health and well-being for me to walk daily.  But when I see a person loitering who doesn’t belong in our neighborhood and I don’t know their intent, or when I see coyotes prowling in the morning and evening hours, I feel threatened and I am too intimidated to continue my walk, knowing I am unable to run away if necessary, so I usually end my walk in order to avoid them. In order to keep myself safe in the above-mentioned situations, I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.


(Note: this applicant was instructed to provide a note from the doctor, verifying the condition & his recommendation for daily walks.)



Note: For those who need a CCW for hiking/camping, in order to increase your likelihood of being successful, your good cause statement must be very thorough with details covering exactly which trails and areas where you hike and camp.  You must provide proof like a log book, calendar showing your past hiking/camping trips, receipts for parking or back country permits, maps, relevant certifications, or pictures.  List specifics like the type of equipment you carry and its value.  Give specifics on the kinds of threats you face and what kinds of threats would make you a target (e.g. wild animals, traffickers, drug dealers/growers). We strongly recommend that if you can, emphasize something other than hiking/camping for your good cause statement.  If you cannot, then please follow the above suggestions and direction.  


I am requesting a CCW permit to be used for self-protection for myself, family and personal property. My wife and I frequently travel by motorcycle on remote trails throughout California and camp in desolate and isolated areas. Because we have limited space traveling by motorcycle a rifle or larger firearm is not practical in our situation.


I am making this request because we have many times been confronted by aggressive animals at our camping sites. We have also come across other persons in desolate and isolated areas that have made us feel uncomfortable for our personal safety. On several occasions, we have had items turn up missing from our campsites.


Previously I was a resident of the state of Washington and held a valid concealed carry permit from that state for more than 15 years. My Washington permit number was issued by the Aberdeen Washington Police Department, permit number XXXXXXXX.


As a former Naval Officer, avid hunter and sportsman I am very familiar with firearm safety and proper use.Thank for your time and attention to my application, I look forward to your assistance in completing my application process.




My name is XXXXXXXXXXX, I am at greater risk of harm or criminal attack because I do a lot of scouting and camping trips to scout in the county mountains prior to hunting season for hunting trips during hunting season.  During these trips I have come across various wildlife, such as bobcats and mountain lions. I am a member of Hunting and Fishing clubs. On one of these trips near Julian scouting for wild boar and deer last year, I was stalked by a mountain lion. I do not know how long it was stalking me by the time I noticed it overhead.  During this event I was in fear of my personal safety. 


My job as a mechanic at XXXXXXXXX to fix vehicles for people gives me access to tools, information, and vehicles that criminals would want to attack me to gain access.  I work late and arrive early and have access to the facility where we keep expensive tools and computer equipment and hundreds of thousands worth of vehicles. That clearly puts me in a higher risk category than the general public.  


In addition, my wife and I walk our dogs at night, after work in the Tecolote Canyon Natural Park trails.   On these walks we have come across stray dogs and homeless people. In one such incident about 2 months ago, we walked around a bend to find two homeless people doing drugs near a bush.  We broke off eye contact and very quickly walked away as fast as possible. When we came around the bend we startled these homeless people, and we were in fear for our safety. Luckily I believe we startled them and were able to leave quick enough before they were able to react.  


Five years ago I was diagnosed as diabetic.  Since then I have become very active with hiking, hunting, fishing, camping and off-roading. My wife and I have joined jeep clubs and hunting clubs. We also started our own Jeep club and organize the activities. XXXXXXXXXX is the name of our club.  Some of the activities and functions our Jeep club does are day trips to trails, night trips to trails, overnight trips with primitive camping, multiple overnight trips to trails. We go to Jacumba mines, Ocotillo, mud caves, Borrego springs, Big Bear and many other places. We go on many scouting and camping trails throughout the county to map trails for group jeep runs.  I am in distant isolated areas that many times do not have any means of communication. Cellular phone coverage is unreliable and police response is extremely limited. I have come across undocumented people and homeless encampments on these travels. While being on one of these camps I have had people enter my campsite that made me fear for my safety so much so that I have packed up and left during the night.  


XXXXXXXXX  and I spend a lot of our free time in backcountry areas of San Diego.  This is not simply a hobby or something we do occasionally. It is a lifestyle and a part of our culture.  It is who we are and something we have done for years and will continue to do for years. We camp often and rarely camp at commercial campgrounds.  We do primitive camping in remote locations all over the county. I am submitting pictures to show these locations that we go to.


I have been involved in shooting sports and hunting ever since I received my first rifle at 8 years old. I have taken a Two day 10 hour firearms safety and hunter safety course. I have a current Firearms Safety certificate.  I have taken a full day 8-hour Firearm Safety and Concealed Carry Weapons course in Nevada. I have been training monthly at XXXXXXXXX for about 2 years. 


Because of the factors listed above, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured. For all these reasons, I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed carry permit.  

Because my family and I frequently go camping, one of our favorite spot’s is the Anza Borrego Desert off of the S-2 which is named “The Great Overland Stagecoach Route of 1849” because they have many primitive camping spots we can stop anywhere without any real destination and explore. We often come across other people in these isolated locations that have made us feel uncomfortable. We do not know if these people are drug traffickers, drug smugglers or growers. They could even be human traffickers too. We have come back from exploring and have found many things missing. We have had a Coleman Stove (valued $120), Ozark Trail multi person tent (value $200), Mystery Ranch Scree back pack ($130), and a Yeti Roadie cooler ($200) filled with food and water for our trip ($200) all stolen from the back of a locked camper shelled truck. There are times that we’ve had a few nice cameras with us valued at $500-$1000. These would be high value items if someone wanted to come back while we were in camp and surprise us.  Because of the need to bring supplies with us the total value can run from $700-$1500 depending on the length of trip and number of people. Because of being in a remote area cell service can be spotty at best. If I was able to get out a 911 call and give my location, it could take first responders hours to locate us.  


While hiking we have come across a few coyotes and several snakes that we have stumbled across. There have been 14 mountain lion attacks in California since 1986, 3 fatal (printout from California Dept of Fish and Wildlife attached). There have also been over 50 coyote attacks on humans from 2012-2016 (Taken from Orange County Register). Because we carry food with us as part of our life style and spend so much time in the back country we are a target and are in a higher risk category then the general population.  


Because I run 2-3 times a week before work, it’s usually dark most of the time because of the time I start work. There was shop dog that kept getting out of their yard and was sleeping by the business’s front door. The second time I ran by him he aggressively came towards me and I had to use my pepper spray on him to keep him back. I reported it both times to animal control. Also in the part of Vista that I live in, the homeless population is ever increasing. I’ve had several contacts with them as I run by, getting in my way asking for change. I’m afraid they will stop me and grad my IPod and work phone.  


I’ve been training at the XXXXXXX for 3 years and also have taken a few addition classes outside of the shop.   


Thank You for consideration,




Thank you for taking the time to evaluate this application for a CCW License. 


I am an avid sporting shooter and photographer. As well as shooting at indoor ranges around San Diego County, I enjoy driving out to remote BLM lands to shoot (such as just past Ocotillo Wells, or Ocotillo Desert). There are some beautiful landscapes on the way to these locations and I often stop to take landscape photographs. As such I am often on the road very early in the morning or late in the evening as the best time for photography is around dawn and dusk. As you can all understand the roads are often quite deserted and some of the remote areas do not have a telephone signal once off the main roads.


With all of my photographic equipment, video equipment and firearms I am carrying in excess of $10,000.00 worth. As I am often outside the car with a camera (photographic or video) much of this equipment is on display for any passers by.


My 12 year old son has started coming with me on these day trips now as he is interested in shooting and like all young boys enjoys making videos. I prefer to have him only shoot when we go to indoor ranges as I have a better control of the area.


Adhering to all laws my firearms are all unloaded in the trunk of my SUV; either in a locked box (cable tethered to a tie down point) or with breach locks (in the case of rifles). Given the remoteness, cost of replacement equipment and the late or early hours I sincerely request a concealed carry license so I can have a loaded handgun with me in case of emergencies.


Yours Sincerely,


The following are the reasons I wish to obtain a California CCW permit. 


My son xxxxxxx was a policeman in San Diego and Carlsbad for over 15 years, and he was a gang vice and drug detective working with a regional task force. As such, he arrested many violent felons and the xxxxx name has received numerous unspecific threats of violence from the folks he had arrested. 


I am a retired disabled citizen and my passion in life is photography. I have received many awards and been published as well. As a result of this passion, I have accumulated over $25,000 worth of photographic equipment, much of which travels with me wherever I go. You can find me on a street corner in downtown at night, photographing lights and neon, as well as moving vehicles, train stations, etc. I am often taking pictures in very public places at night and have my extensive, expensive gear exposed for others to see, and I often fear for my personal safety. Because of my physical limitations, I would not be able to fend off attackers who may want to cause me injury during a theft of equipment or carjacking. 

I regularly compete in shooting matches and events which cause me to transport valuable firearms, putting me to greater risk than the general public and if forcibly taken from me would be a danger to society.


I compete in several venues monthly as a participant of International Defensive Pistol Assoc. (IDPA), —————————-, San Diego Tactical Shooters Pala, Ca, NRA events recently as far as Texas and other non -sanctioned events. See attachments.


I introduce and train others in the safe use of firearms. I volunteer as a San Diego County Gun Owners Mentor to medical professionals, etc. I am a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. Many of the students I meet with are strangers and we meet for the purpose of learning how to use firearms.  


My activities in a high crime area in ———– and being a senior makes me more likely than the average person to be a target for predators and the many gangs in this vicinity. I walk 4 miles nearly each day starting prior to dawn. I am at risk in my neighborhood because I have observed many unusual potential dangerous personnel behaviors. My city councilman described ———————as “gang infested”. (See attached violent crime attachments.)


I am skilled and knowledgeable in firearms safety and use. I hold CCW license in Nevada, Utah and Arizona. I am a Distinguished Graduate in both Handgun and Rifle from Front Sight Training Institute Pahrump, Nevada. As an IDPA competitor, I hold marksman and sharpshooter classifications. I am a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

The primary reason for my CCW request is the nature of my competitive sport activities is such that I am subject to personal risk and / or criminal attack greater than the general population.  At least 3 times a month I compete in sport shooting matches or attend firearms training events at various ranges within San Diego county.  Attending these events requires that I transport multiple firearms (handgun, rifle and shotgun) along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition for these firearms in my personal vehicle to the competition or training venue.  Most often my travel time is over 1 hour to these regular events and I must stop for a restroom break.  Any time I stop for a rest break with a car containing multiple weapons and ammunition that opens me up to the risk of criminal attack if anyone were to become aware of what I am transporting.  I may also travel with family or friends to these competitive and training events.  More traveling companions means more firearms and ammunition to transport not to mention the potential of my traveling companions to become victims injured in an attempt to rob us of our firearms and ammunition. 


This CCW request is to allow me to protect my family during that one time we are faced with a dangerous situation where there is no direct path to safety without eliminating or mitigating the clear intent of someone to do us harm.  I am a U.S. Navy Veteran following in the footsteps of my father who is also a U.S. Navy Veteran.  I am no stranger to weapons and weapons systems being a former Aviation Electronics Technician working on the avionics of an F-14 Tomcat.  Now I have made the decision to protect my family and myself whenever we are outside our home. 


After attending numerous handgun training sessions and regular competitive handgun matches I am proficient with operating my handguns in a safe manner and drawing from a holster.


(Note: this applicant was instructed to submit recent match scores and copies of flyers of events he attended as supporting documentation.) 

I am applying for a CCW permit for the purpose of self-protection.  I enjoy going on evening trail hikes & bike rides around San Diego in areas which are frequently isolated (San Luis Rey River Trail for example near my house) which subjects me to more risk than the average population.  I am making this request because I have been confronted by vagrants on several different occasions during my hikes/rides in a way which made me concerned for my personal safety.  Over my time doing these hikes & rides I have encountered & been approached by various vagrants who could potentially be robbers, drug addicts, etc.  I typically prefer to hike around sunset as I like to use my drone for photography during this time as the lighting is amazing; however, during this time there is frequently less people around to act as a deterrent.  Considering the time-frame in which I normally engage in the activity coupled with the potentially isolated locations (limited cell phone coverage) & the valuables on my person (drone, smartphone, wallet etc.) I am at increased risk of being the victim of a crime of opportunity which could result in great bodily harm.    


One specific incident occurred when I was riding my bike on the San Luis Rey River Trail.  In this incident I was on my bike and I witnessed several homeless people sleeping along the sides of the trail in the bushes, later in the ride a vagrant stepped out of the bushes in front of my bike and attempted to block my path.  He appeared emaciated and under the influence of a substance of some type, but I was able to swerve around him and I pedaled away as fast as I could. 


I currently live within close proximity of the xxxxx which is a soup kitchen & 12 step recovery center; which may account for the larger population of homeless people around the area.  There have been multiple instances of violent crimes taking place in and around the river trail and within close proximity to my residence of which I have attached documentation. 


My firearms experience consists of going to the shooting range several times monthly for recreational shooting, and I have also taken a professionally administered handgun course through xxxxx.  


(Note: this applicant was instructed to submit photos of the drone, photos taken by the drone, and a receipt showing its value.



I am an Agent, Broker, Property Manager, for A&B Realty, a fully licensed and insured firm based in San Diego County, California. I have been working in the Real Estate Profession for 5, 10, 15 years, and have realized that the daily activities of my profession are placing me at much greater risk. I often work late at night, alone in the office or meet with clients in the field. I need to transport money collected in the form of rents and deposits, often in cash, and I personally transport these cash deposits for my company. I travel in and through high crime areas, during hours of darkness, and to remote areas, often with limited or no cellular phone coverage, to meet with potential clients I am afraid that I will be killed or injured as a result of these high-risk activities. For these reasons, I am requesting that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for this legitimate business need.

My Name is ##### and I am applying for my CCW license because of my work as a Realtor/ Real estate agent. As a Realtor no means of security, or risk avoidance, can mitigate my risk because to fulfill my fiduciary duties to my clients I must meet people who I have never met before at unoccupied/vacant locations, in all areas of San Diego county, at all times of the day, after regular work hours, and at night. As a realtor I must also publish my personal information, contact information, picture, and daily locations where I will be alone for long periods of time, on a regular basis. As an agent I have had several interactions with transients, drug addicts, and neighbors, who have been hostile/aggressive towards me at a property I was scheduled to show; especially at properties that are vacant.

My name is XXX My business is in Real Estate I’m a Broker, Property Manager and Real Estate investor for  XXX Properties located in San Diego County, California. I have been in the Real Estate profession for 29 years, and have realized that over the years the daily activities of my profession is putting me at greater risk than the general population. 


I often work late at night, early in the morning hours and meet clients in the field. I travel in and through high crime areas during hours of darkness and to remote areas looking for investment properties, My daily activities include property checks means also going through high crime areas for property inspections that includes walking through alleys,  and on many occasions I am often called out late at night due to vandalism, graffiti and plumbing issues on my properties. I am constantly approached by homeless individuals who are mentally unstable, drunk or high on illegal drugs, while loitering on my properties. 


On Feb. 25th A friend of mine was murdered at my gym where  I have been a member of since 1992. I have walked out with him so many times over the last 9 years, and in a moment he was shot dead in the back parking lot. This incident has also reinforced the fact that you can be attacked at any moment. I am afraid that I will be killed or severely injured as a result of these high-risk activities. 


For these reasons I am requesting that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for this legitimate business need. I am afraid that I will be killed or severely injured as a result of these high-risk activities. 



I am an (title). As part of my normal duties, I carry and transport quantities of firearms and ammunition throughout (area). I travel late at night and often in and through remote areas where there is little law enforcement support. My greatest fear is that without any realistic means of self-protection, these firearms may easily be taken from me by the criminal element and then used against the public at large. This would be a horrific tragedy for everyone involved. Because of this, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured. For all of these reasons, I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.



I own a jewelry business called (NAME OF BUSINESS). I sell gold, diamonds, gems, and finished jewelry. I personally transport this merchandise to sales venues throughout the state as part of my business. I carry the jewelry to and from trade shows and exhibitions. In addition to the high value jewelry, I carry and make the cash deposits from the days sales, often late at night by ATM. I travel in and through remote and high crime areas to reach my appointments. Here in CA, a group of armed, professional criminals known as the South American Theft Group (SATG), frequently HUNTS jewelers like me to attack and rob. It is a well-known and documented fact that these criminals use violence, firearms and even vehicle crashes to assault jewelers.It is only a matter of time until I am targeted. I am deathly afraid that I will be killed or injured in the event of a personal attack. 


I am not concerned about the merchandise. I have no other means of self-protection. For these reasons, I feel that my life is in jeopardy and require the concealed weapons permit to comply with the law and protect my life.



I operate a business called xxx. We sell xxx to xxx. I personally carry and transport xxx amounting to $$$. Due to the high value nature of these products, they are a likely target for theft and robbery by the criminal element. In the course of my business, I also make the deposits for the store, sometimes late at night due to our long hours. I feel that carrying cash and valuable products such as xxx make me at risk for death or injury in the event of a personal attack. For all these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.



I am an attorney, practicing (family/corporate/civil) law. I often work late at night, alone in the office. I make the cash deposits for the firm. I travel in and through high crime areas, often late at night to locate parties and witnesses involved in the cases I handle as well as take statements and depositions. I am afraid that I will be killed or injured as a result of these high-risk activities. For these reasons, I am requesting that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for my own protection.



I am a state licensed Private Investigator. In the course and scope of my lawful business I often work late at night, alone, in high crime areas conducting interviews, locating witnesses and conducting legal surveillance. I must perform these duties without any realistic means of self-protection. This places my life and safety at risk. I am afraid that I will be killed or injured as a result of these high-risk activities. For these reasons, I am applying for a concealed weapons permit for my own protection.



Use the Investigator example. Refrain from referring to your work as bail enforcement. Just use Investigator.



Recently, my life was threatened by xxxx. I have attached copies of the police reports and court orders (e.g. TRO or Full Restraining Order). I have no realistic means of self-defense to protect myself from this individual intent on doing me physical, mental, and emotional harm. I am afraid that this person(s) will continue to stalk me until he/she is successful in murdering me. I travel alone, often at night, to and from work. I live in a remote area (if that is the case) where there is little law enforcement support. I realize that the police are not required to protect me 24 hours per day. For these reasons, I am applying for a concealed weapons permit to protect my life and to comply with the law.



I am a Medical Doctor, practicing xxx medicine. As an everyday part of my practice, I must carry highly controlled substances. A copy of my DEA permit is attached. I also carry at all times blank prescription forms, which are highly prized for theft by the criminal element. I also make cash deposits for my practice. I travel late at night, alone, in and through high crime areas in order to respond to medical emergencies. I realize that these high-risk activities make me a likely target by the criminal element for the purpose of illegally obtaining the controlled substances I carry. As a result, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured. I have no other viable means of self-protection. For these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for my own protection. (Special note: this can be adapted for retired doctors as well: the prescription stuff may not apply, but a moral doctor will stop for auto accidents or other types of situations in remote areas, even if it’s just a suspicion that there’s a situation in progress. Roadside attacks under such physically isolated circumstances are common, see also the murder of Bill Cosby’s son.)



My duties require me to provide close personal protection for (client or types of clients). He/she has had threats against them in the past. Copies of police reports are attached. This risk continues. This is an extremely dangerous job. I am required to be on call, to report for duty at any hour. To do this I must drive in and through high crime areas, alone, late at night. Currently, I am not armed while at work. I have no viable means of self-protection. I am afraid that I will be killed or maimed as a result of an attack. For these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for business purposes, my own protection, and to comply with the law.



I am the Senior Pastor, Priest, Minister, at (Name of Church or Organization). While conducting my regular duties, I am responsible for accepting monetary gifts, and donations to the church from members of our congregation and the general public. I must carry and transport large quantities of money throughout our facility, as well as transporting these cash deposits to our bank on a regular basis. My pastoral duties include traveling early in the morning and late at night to provide counseling and guidance. I often travel in and through high crime or remote areas where there is little law enforcement support and limited cellular phone coverage. I am traveling alone without any viable means of protection. I am aware of other leaders in my faith that have been victimized and targeted for their specific religious beliefs. (e.g. Christian, Jewish, etc.) I have a specific threat from (include copies of all police reports, restraining orders, or other supporting evidence, only if you have a Specific Threat) I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.



I am a transgender woman. Although I knew I was a girl at a very young age, I did not publicly present as female until my 20s. Because of this late transition, I do not “pass” very well. Unfortunately, this puts me in group targeted for violence and injury, and I fear I will be gravely hurt or killed.


It is a far too common experience for me to hear rude and/or threatening comments from people, in stores, restaurants, and walking through parking lots. Depending on which was closer, my car or the talker, I have feared that I would be significantly harmed or even killed. The possibility of harm has caused me to run to my car on several occasions. I have not called the Police or tried to file complaints for these events, as my primary concern has always been to leave the area. But I worry that next time, the threat will be between me and my car or some safe place.


At night, the rats come out, and they seem to travel in packs. I try hard to stay in populated, well-lit areas, but these mitigations seem an insufficient deterrent.


I have considered personal protection such as a taser or pepper spray, but in my experience, almost always, problems occur when there is more than one of them, and I don’t think such methods would be effective.


As it is, I try to not go out at night alone. However I travel for work almost every week, and end up alone at dinner most nights. Increasingly, I worry about the harm that may come to me simply because of who I am.


Last fall, in Texas, a “cowboy” opened the restaurant door for me going into a restaurant. Inside, across the restaurant, I could see he and his two buddies having dinner, but I didn’t think about them again. Until after dinner, as I got into my rental car, I saw the trio get into their truck. They followed me out of the parking lot. And, they continued to follow me as I was driving back to my hotel. At first I thought it might be coincidence, until the whooping and hollering I heard at a stop light. Thankfully, my mobile phone could find and lead me to the nearest police station. They continued to follow me there, although when I pulled into that parking lot, the truck kept going. I sat in the car in the parking lot for a long time, and when I left, I did not see the truck again. But the shaking did not stop for a long time. Although that was Texas and not California, I know that being a jerk is not limited by state boundaries.


Just a couple months back, after eating dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Marcos, there were two young guys, with Marine hair cuts, waiting for their table outside. As I came out, one of them said, “Wow. I bet you need a real man to show you what loving is.” I started moving more quickly to my car. I looked back, and they had stood up and were still staring at me. I started running to my car. After I got in and started the car, I could see the two young men had sat back down and appeared to be laughing. No, they did not actually do anything. But as I sat there crying, afraid, I thought to myself, “I do NOT want to live in fear.” That’s when I decided to apply for the concealed weapon permit. Not that I would not continue to avoid such situations, and run to my car when necessary. But if the jerks are between me and safety, or do try to chase me down, I would at least have an option.


Events such as the two above happen only about three or four times a year. But being verbally harassed happens a couple times a month. If you are going to be a late-transition transgender person, you are going to have to endure the verbal assaults. The problem is that there is no way to know when or if the verbal attack will move to the physical.


In spite of the increased visibility of, or perhaps because of, transgender people, the threat seems worse now than in the past. I have presented as female for more than 30 years, and did not seem to have many problems in the past, even in typically scary places like bathrooms. Threats and violence against transgender people, especially transgender women, are well documented, and such violence seems to be increasing. 

And homicide of LGBTQ people is mostly from guns, suggesting that the potential violence level is very high:

Both charts from


The most recent US Transgender Survey ( ) said, “In the year prior to completing the survey, 46% of respondents were verbally harassed and 9% were physically attacked because of being transgender. During that same time period, 10% of respondents were sexually assaulted, and nearly half (47%) were sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime.” “Nearly half” makes me believe my odds of being attacked are significantly higher than the typical population.


Even in California, well-known for its LBGTQ support, the California-specific state report of the US Transgender Survey said, “In the past year, respondents reported being verbally harassed (12%), physically attacked (1%), and sexually assaulted (1%) when accessing a restroom.” And that is just going to the bathroom, which is legally protected in California. 


( )


So, my real fear of harm seems to be increasingly justified by research, and my own experiences bear out the statistics. 


As another justification for a concealed carry weapons permit, I ride my mountain bike in the Calavera Hills east of my house. I have regularly seen coyotes on these rides, and I have worried every time that my bike pump may not be sufficient protection, should our encroachment on their home land drive them to attack us. I have wanted to ride in the Laguna Hills in south Orange County, but have never done so due to fear of mountain lion attack. News such as (and more recently ) and the fear of great injury, have kept me from possibly enjoying such rides.


Because of the risks associated with being transgender and random encounters with dangerous animals, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured. For all of these reasons, I respectfully request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.