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Welcome to the San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) new blog page. The purpose of this page is to promote discussion of issues that are of interest to gun owners not only in San Diego County but also throughout California and across America. This page will offer posts written by SDCGO Board members as well […]

How Safe Is Your Place of Worship?

Violence on or around faith-based properties is increasing across our country. The reasons for this increase are likely numerous and complex. Regardless of the reasons, the question needs to be asked; how safe are you and your family at your place of worship? There have been several high profile incidents in the last year or […]

Designated Defenders?

I recently read an article by Massad Ayoob regarding last week’s bar shooting in Thousand Oaks. Reports on the shooting indicate that there may have been as many as six off-duty law enforcement officers (LEO) present at the time of the shooting. Apparently none of the officers were armed. The reason the officers were unarmed […]

Dude, Where’s My Rights

The following was written by Michael Schwartz, Executive Director of San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO). On February 7th, 2018 at 99 Rolling Oaks Drive, Thousand Oaks, California, actor Ashton Kutcher and an accomplice committed several very serious felonies involving a firearm. How do I know? Because he told the world via Twitter. Receiving a […]

50th Anniversary Blog

This week I’d like to recognize the 50thanniversary (sort of) of the SDCGO Blog page. We have now published 50 blog articles on the site. Yea! The intent of the blog page is to inspire people to think about issues of interest to the general gun owning community, and by so doing, to expand knowledge […]

The Cost of Hesitation

I recently read an interview with legendary firearms instructor John Farnam. The interview concerned the subject of killing in self-defense and the harsh realities associated with that action. All sane, rational people feel a natural revulsion to taking a human life no matter what the reason. But when a violent criminal removes all other options, […]

Filling a Drawer Full of CCW Holsters – Part One

If you talk to people that carry consistently or read articles on the subject, one of the things common to all is the large collection of holsters people eventually develop. Doing my part as a member of that community, I’ve built a respectable collection of my own in a relatively short amount of time. Being […]

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