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Welcome to the San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) new blog page. The purpose of this page is to promote discussion of issues that are of interest to gun owners not only in San Diego County but also throughout California and across America. This page will offer posts written by SDCGO Board members as well […]

Has the Sheriff’s CCW Policy Really Changed? – You Decide

For as far back as most people can remember, San Diego County has effectively had a “no issue” policy regarding concealed carry permits (CCW) for law-abiding citizens. Up until the end of 2017 there were approximately 1500 CCW permits in the county. To put things in perspective, there are almost 17 million CCW permit holders […]

No, They Aren’t Actually Offended

Recently we got to witness international public outrage over a picture of Britain’s Prince George playing with a squirt gun.  I had to read the story a few times to figure out what the actual issue was, but finally saw that people were “offended” by pictures of the young prince playing with a toy squirt […]

The Evil Gun Culture – Really?

New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D) recently proposed legislation that would ban all high school shooting programs throughout the state. The ban would also include air rifle teams and archery clubs. Rosenthal stated the following to the Associated Press: “Schools should not be supporting the spread of gun culture in society.” She further stated, “If […]

The Importance of the Gun Owner Vote

June 5th is the date for the California primary elections. It is critical for gun owners to vote in the primary election and make our voices heard. We in San Diego County have an extremely important choice to make on June 5th. Two men are running for Sheriff and, according to California law, which ever one […]

Demonizing the NRA

For the last fifty years or so, there has been a concerted effort by the left to demonize guns and gun owners. Eric Holder, former Attorney General of the United States, was filmed on C-SPAN saying, “we need to convince the public to view guns and gun owners the same way cigarettes and smokers are […]

CCW Mindset

As we begin to regain our right to self-protection in San Diego County, the subject of proper mindset for a CCW holder is worth examining. A recent post in Facebook addressed a shooting incident at a Southern California mall. The incident was a case of domestic violence that unfortunately played out in public and resulted […]

5th Annual Charity Shooting Course

I recently had the good fortune to attend the 5th Annual Sheila Hamed Charity Handgun/Rifle Course organized by Lance Reeter and Tatiana Melo. You may recognize Lance and Tatiana from the Shooter’s Hangout. The event is named in honor of Sheila Hamed who lost her life to leukemia in 2013 at the age of 35. Two […]

To Protect and Serve

As the nation continues to recover from the latest horrible mass shooting incident in Florida, the gun control debate is predictably once again front and center. The media, anti-second amendment groups, and politicians are unleashing the usual flood of misinformation and falsehoods. The NRA is once again the target of emotional misplaced anger. The goal […]

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