Lawsuits are an important part of protecting and restoring your Second Amendment rights. SDCGO is doing our part! Under the guidance of our Second Amendment Attorney John Dillon, we have partnered with the national Second Amendment group Firearms Policy Coalition to help us take the battle to the courtroom. 

Check out the lawsuits and Amicus briefs SDCGO has been a part of:  


Nguyen v. Bonta: Challenge to California's '1-in-30' Firearm Purchase Ban

Jones v. Bonta: Challenge to 18-20 age-based ban

Miller v. Bonta: Challenge to California's Assault Weapons Ban

Renna v. Bonta: Challenge to California’s Handgun Roster & Self-Manufacturing Bans

Fahr v. San Diego: Challenge to City of San Diego's ban on 80% kits

Brandeis v. Bonta: FPC 2A Lawsuit to Protect Gun Owners’ Privacy


Young v. State of Hawaii: San Diego County Gun Owners Amicus Brief re right to self defense

Duncan v. Bonta: San Diego County Gun Owners Amicus Brief re magazine capacity limit

NYSRPA v. Bruen: Coalition of Firearm and Knife Rights Organizations File Supreme Court Brief in Support of Right to Bear Arms