Weekly Email 9/22/17: Successful Monthly Meetings!

Successful Monthly Meetings!
120 combined total attendees!!!
Central and East Meeting – Gunfighter Tactical
North – RDL Tactical
We had three great meetings this month in all parts of the county. Thank you to Gunfighter Tactical and RDL Tactical for hosting!
An extra big thank you to Gunfighter Tactical to giving away not one, but TWO guns, PLUS three more lucky people won 1000 rounds of ammo!
Ryan Peterson from GFT with 5 lucky winners
ACTION ITEM!  One topic of conversation was brought up were the bills that are headed to Governor Brown’s desk following the conclusion of the California Legislative’s 2017 session. NRA-ILA brings you more information about the three anti-gun bills that are being considered and how you can take action.
Open House for Realtors
Free for All San Diego Realtors!

San Diego County Gun Owners is proud to present Open House for Realtors!

Brokers and agents are invited to come and learn how you may be able to obtain a concealed carry permit, learn about the best self defense products on the market and classes you can take, and get the opportunity to shoot with an instructor! Light refreshments will be provided. 
There is no cost for this event but registration is required. Please e-mail wendy@sdcgo.org to RSVP. 


Membership Matters! 
I am very proud of our numbers.  In less than 2 years we have close to 900 SDCGO members contributing to our organization.   This is great!  We work hard every day to organize our community, engage with media, work with elected officials, and get the right people elected to restore and defend out Second Amendment rights.
Every time I sit down with an elected official or media, they want to know how many people SDCGO represents.  The best way you can help SDCGO be effective is to help us sign up more members.  We want to go from hundreds of members to thousands of members.
We are headed into an election year and there are many, many important local elections where SDCGO could be the difference between electing someone who respects your rights and someone who does not.  If each of our members recruits just two more members, we triple in size.
Take some time to identify someone you know who needs to sign up with SDCGO and get them to sign up.
Together We Will Win.
Read and Share our SDCGO’s Blog!
Don’t forget to check out SDCGO’s Blog! SDCGO Board Member Joe Drammissi spearheaded this project and we have some great posts. Here are just some of our recent posts:
New Ammunition Laws (guest post by Savannah Cross, CEO of Cross Armory)
5th Annual Charity Educational Course!


SDCGO Board Member Lance Reeter is proud to present the 5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course to raise money for leukemia and to take your shooting skills to the next level!

Last year he raised $27,600 dollars for those that are fighting for their lives.
This is a family event held at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. You don’t even need to own a handgun to attend, all the gear is available for rent.

The cost of the course is just $200, plus a $50 donation to fight leukemia/lymphoma for a total of $250. There is no course fee if you have a membership at Front Sight.

You can also find out more information at http://sandiegocountygunowners.com/charity_course/

Volunteers Needed!

SDCGO could not do what we do without the help of our amazing volunteers. We always have plenty of opportunities for SDCGO supporters to provide ways to give back to the Second Amendment Community.

  1. Del Mar Gun ShowSaturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1
    Del Mar Fairgrounds
    Sign up here
  2. “Friends of John” Shooting Social
    Monday, October 2 at 6:00pm
    Poway Weapons and Gear, 13550 Danielson St., Poway, CA
    Sign up here
  3. Open House for Realtors
    Tuesday, October 10 at 1:00pm
    GlockStore, 4770 Ruffner St., San Diego, CA 92111
    Sign up here
  4. “Friends of JoAnne” Shooting Social
    Saturday, October 21 at 5:00pm
    Poway Weapons and Gear, 13550 Danielson St., Poway, CA
    Sign up here
You can always find the most up-to-date information on volunteer opportunities at www.sdcgo.org/volunteer, or email wendy@sdcgo.org with any questions.
Need to catch up Gun Sports Radio?? 
You can find all of the weekly podcasts here!
Find us at www.sdcgo.org
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