Charity Course

5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course

5th Annual Charity Handgun/Rifle Course

Hosted at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, near Las Vegas. This will be a 4 day course or 2 day course, Handgun course or Rifle course your choice.

The cost of the course is just $200 plus a $50 donation to fight leukemia/lymphoma for a total of $250. If you are a member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute then it is just a $50 donation.

It is a fun way to support a very, very worthy cause! It's kind of like a charity golf tournament, except it is a world class handgun or rifle course!

Please join us and support this great cause!

This is "family oriented" training, not bootcamp type training. About 50% of the students are female. Moms and daughters, aunts and nieces, and even grandmothers. The instructors are incredibly patient and safe! Handguns and all gear are available for rent in the Pro Shop at a very reasonable price in case you don't own a handgun.

Email me for further details, questions, costs, etc. at:

Paid for by San Diego County Gun Owners Political Action Committee | P.O. Box 124667, San Diego CA 92112 | FPPC ID # 1379388