Weekly Email 6/8/18: Election Results

A Word on the Election Results…
This Sunday at 4pm on 1170 AM, I will be joined by Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey on Gun Sports Radio to talk in-depth about the election results and what they mean. Please join us.
It is not time to gloat over victories or sulk over defeats. Neither does us any good. It is time to commit to making November the best and most important Second Amendment election of our life. Only 1 in 4 registered voters bothered to vote and that is not acceptable. Identifying the 3/4 of voters who did not vote and giving them a reason to show up in November is our top priority. There are so many great Second Amendment candidates that need help and there are far too many gun owners who are sitting on the sidelines. It is time to inspire. 
So why should they vote?
On the county level we are very happy that our endorsed candidate Summer Stephan is the new District Attorney! This is a crucial elected position and I am very happy to have Summer in the DA’s chair. The district attorney is the one who prosecutes most all cases in the county and an anti-Second Amendment DA could stomp all over the rights of law-abiding gun owners.
Unfortunately, we were not able to get a pro-Second Amendment sheriff elected and are stuck with Gore for another four years. Thank you, Dave Myers, for standing up and being vocal about your support of gun owners and the Second Amendment during your campaign. You campaign had an impact and SDCGO was proud to support you.
Thanks to the hard work of SDCGO and with the pressure of Commander Dave Myers, Sheriff Gore is issuing CCWs. In this email you will see a page SDCGO set up to help you through the process so please, go apply.   
Congratulations to SDCGO endorsed Chris Cate for San Diego City Council, Jim Desmond for County Board, and John Oleson and Bill Exeter for Cuyamaca Community College Board on winning or advancing to the November election! 
We will have a new voter guide for the November election out in mid-August. Please set some time aside in August, September, and October to help our candidates win. We will make sure you know how you can help with fundraisers, neighborhood walks, phone banking, and much more. 
Some other good news…pro-Second Amendment candidate for congress Diane Harkey won and will advance to the November election. She had a commanding lead over everyone else including a number of NRA “F” rated candidates like Democrat Doug Applegate and Republican Kristin Gaspar. 
Pro-Second Amendment Santee City Councilman and founding SDCGO Board Member Brian Jones crushed his opponent for State Senate and so did Congressman Duncan Hunter for his re-election and Assembly Member Marie Waldron for her re-election. 
Two pro-Second Amendment judges made it to the November run-off; Gary Kreep and Vicki Rothman. SDCGO will continue to vet them both and consider them for endorsement. Stay tuned for that decision. 
Here is a link to the election results in San Diego:
Tune in Sunday for more on the June 2018 election.
-Michael Schwartz
Executive Director 
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Want a California CCW?
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San Diego County Gun Owners has worked hard over the last 2 1/2 years to bring CCWs to San Diego, but we did what people said could not be done!
The process isn’t perfect, but for the first time in decades, sane, trained, law-abiding citizens can get California CCWs through the Sheriff’s Department. 
SDCGO is proud to announce that we now have a page on our website that shows you how to apply and what needs to be included for a successful good cause statement.
Check out the the information on our website below, apply, and tell your friends and family to do the same.
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