Weekly Email 2/5/18: Anti-Gunners at City Hall??

Gun Laws Convention!
We are excited to present our Second Annual California Gun Laws Convention! This year we will have a panel focused on the legal aspect, and a second panel focused on activism.
Keynote Speaker:  AWR Hawkins
Legal Panel: Jason DavisJohn DillonDaniel Modafferi, and Allen Chandler (President of Firearms Legal Protection)

Activist Panel: Michael SchwartzBrian JonesLara Smith, and Craig DeLuz

$20 for general admission. San Diego County Gun Owners members and Orange County Gun Owners members will receive a $10 coupon at the door to Poway Weapons and Gear!
San Diego County Gun Owners at San Diego City Hall:
Anti-Gun Resolution Moves Out of Committee to General Council
SDCGO at City Hall
SDCGO at City Hall
Last week, San Diego City Council passed an anti-CCW Reciprocity non-binding resolution in their Economic Development and Intergovernmental Committee.  The resolution was authored and presented by two anti-gun organizations, Brady Org and Moms Demand Action, and the resolutions calls on the U.S. Senate to reject CCW Reciprocity.  U.S. Senate Bill 446, if passed into law, would treat concealed carry permits (CCWs) the way drivers licenses are currently treated.  Each state would recognize a permit from every other state.  This will stop the confusion and patchwork of laws across the country so that law-abiding, sane, trained gun owners can protect their life while traveling.
San Diego County Gun Owners was at the meeting and had 9 people make a statement against the resolution.  The Brady Org was allowed to make a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation, while those who spoke in opposition were limited to 1-minute statements.  The Brady Org presentation was packed full of lies.  SDCGO will address their lies point by point in a future communication.
San Diego’s resolution would be non-binding, meaning it is little more than a statement made by the Council. So why pass did they pass it out of an Economic Development committee and send it to the general San Diego City Council?
There are two answers: bigotry and political ambition.
Bigotry is the intolerance towards those who hold a different view.  Using government to denigrate and isolate a group of people because their views are different is the definition of bigotry.  Both of California’s senators have already made it clear that they will vote against the CCW Reciprocity bill.  The only purpose of our City Council’s resolution would be to make official their opposition of the right to keep and bear arms.  The 3 San Diego City Council Members who voted in favor of the resolution are using their position in government to make clear that gun owners are bad.
David Alvarez is the Council Member who brought this resolution to the attention of the Committee Chairman Chris Ward. The resolution was seconded by Barbara Bry.  David Alvarez is running for County Board of Supervisors in South San Diego County.  He failed miserably (thankfully) when he ran for mayor against Kevin Faulconer and appears to be desperately trying anything to make sure he does not lose again.  Presenting a poorly written resolution based on lies is one way to pad his political war chest.
Facts and education are important, and showing up to make sure we represent law-abiding, sane, trained gun owners is crucial.  The purpose of this article is to take you past the political theater to show you the real motivation for their actions.  As much as you can, speak out against their bigotry.  Don’t let them marginalize and vilify you.  Most of all, help us be your voice and stand up to them.
Thank you.
Michael A. Schwartz
Executive Director
San Diego County Gun Owners PAC
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