Our Mission Statement


San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) is a political organization that focuses on Second Amendment rights within San Diego County. SDCGO was formed because there is an aggressive and successful effort to significantly limit or eliminate the ownership and use of firearms and the firearms industry in California at the municipal, county, and state level through legislation and regulation. SDCGO’s solution is a local volunteer group that does four things all intended to get the right people elected on local San Diego councils and boards:

  • Second Amendment Advocacy at the city/county level
  • Second Amendment Community Organizing
  • Political Fundraising
  • Working with the local gun industry on the first 3


SDCGO has developed a strong, permanent infrastructure, that focuses on changing the face of gun ownership by getting volunteers involved in local level activism and educational outreach. Since our beginning in October 2015, SDCGO has influenced policies protecting the Second Amendment throughout San Diego County by supporting candidates for elections, engaging with local media to tell our side of the story, bringing new people into the shooting sports, and holding elected officials accountable.

SDCGO provides a calendar of activist events and recreational shooting events on our website and through a weekly email and the opportunity to get together with a variety of other activists at our monthly organizational meetings.

Our members are active in their neighborhood community and joined SDCGO to leverage their efforts together as an influential, effective Second Amendment rights organization.


San Diego County Gun Owners consists of San Diego's shooting enthusiasts, Second Amendment supporters, people who own guns for defensive reasons or sport, firearms dealers and firearms accessory dealers, and elected officials who want to restore and protect the right to keep and the right to bear arms in California.


We bring a Second Amendment focus to local San Diego politics that did not exist. SDCGO is the permanent infrastructure to improve candidate bench strength and precinct operations and a meaningful way for gun owners to get involved in politics. SDCGO will increase voter turn-out by giving guidance and hope to single-issue, Second Amendment voters.

Together We Will Win.


Your San Diego County Gun Owners PAC 2018 Board Members

Board Members

<font color=black> Leo Hamel </font>

Leo Hamel


Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers

<font color=black> Jim Miller </font>

Jim Miller

Attorney / Cajon Valley Union School District

JP Miller Law / Trustee

<font color=black> Brian Jones </font>

Brian Jones

Former Assemblyman and City Councilmember

City of Santee

<font color=black> Lance Reeter </font>

Lance Reeter


The Shooters Hangout

<font color=black> Scott Vinson </font>

Scott Vinson


Coldwell Banker Royal Realty

<font color=black> Lisa Gunther </font>

Lisa Gunther

Business Owner

Gunther Guns

<font color=black> Lance Pelky </font>

Lance Pelky

Financial Advisor

Lance Pelky & Associates

<font color=black> Scott Morgan </font>

Scott Morgan

Real Estate Broker

Morgan Realty Inc.

<font color=black> Tom Reeve </font>

Tom Reeve



<font color=black> Farrah Bauer </font>

Farrah Bauer

Excel Sales Manager/Marketing & Advertising Manager

RK Excel America Inc

<font color=black> Ryan Peterson </font>

Ryan Peterson


Gunfighter Tactical

<font color=black> Jimmy Lin </font>

Jimmy Lin

Property Management

Yea Chang USA

<font color=black> Marc Halcon </font>

Marc Halcon

Business Owner

American Shooting Center

<font color=black> Scott Hasson </font>

Scott Hasson

Sourcing Management Leader

Energy Company

<font color=black> Warren Manfredi </font>

Warren Manfredi

Real Estate Agent

Manfredi Real Estate Group

<font color=black> Joe Drammissi </font>

Joe Drammissi


Enlightened Project Management

<font color=black> Dennis Kenneally </font>

Dennis Kenneally

Major General


<font color=black> Jason Khoury </font>

Jason Khoury



<font color=black> Richard Bailey </font>

Richard Bailey


City of Coronado

<font color=black> Amanda Rigby </font>

Amanda Rigby

City Councilmember

City of Vista

<font color=black> Kristine Alessio </font>

Kristine Alessio

City Councilmember

City of La Mesa

<font color=black> Barbara Starr </font>

Barbara Starr

Wine Industry

Software Executive

<font color=black> Paul Hynes </font>

Paul Hynes

President, CEO

HearthStone | Private Wealth Management

<font color=black> Jason Springston </font>

Jason Springston


Springston Design

<font color=black> Danielle Pinkston </font>

Danielle Pinkston


Active Shooter Defense School

<font color=black> Dave Dezan </font>

Dave Dezan



<font color=black> Carmen Piscitelli </font>

Carmen Piscitelli

Realty Executives Dillon


<font color=black> Jane Hopper </font>

Jane Hopper



<font color=black> Morgan Ballis </font>

Morgan Ballis

Chief Firearms Instructor

Defensive Tactics and Firearms

<font color=black> Michael Schwartz </font>

Michael Schwartz

Executive Director

San Diego County Gun Owners

<font color=black> Wendy Hauffen </font>

Wendy Hauffen

Executive Administrator

San Diego County Gun Owners

<font color=black> John Dillon </font>

John Dillon

Special Counsel

Gatzke Dillon & Ballance LLP


SDCGO works for you, both in the public view and behind the scenes, to bring you tangible results.

So what has SDCGO actually done? The measure of an organization is its accomplishments. Here is what we have done in 2016 to build an effective organization and fight to restore your gun rights:


  • With PWG, co-hosted and organized the 2017 California Gun Laws Convention panel discussion for over 400 attendees
  • Sponsor at the 4th Annual Sheila Hamed Charity Handgun Course at Front Sight, Nevada along with The Shooters Hangout
  • Held Second Amendment Celebration Dinner with 465 guests at Hotel Del Coronado and raised over $100,000
  • Honored by having May 6, 2017, declared as "San Diego County Gun Owners Day" by San Diego City Council
  • Permanent guest on Gun Sports Radio
  • Passed the 850 members mark
  • Averaging over 100 combined attendees at three monthly meetings
  • Signed up nearly 100 members in the first two months of 2017
  • Added additional paid staff
  • Media appearances in and on NBC, ABC, CBS, KUSI, Union Tribune, Poway News Chieftain, KOGO (Carl DeMaio Show), OSideNews, East County Californian, East County Magazine, East County Style, Times of San Diego, La Mesa Patch, The American Dream, Pomerado News, Oceanside News, and more
  • Have over 4,500 “likes” on our Facebook page, over 1,300 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and over 3,900 people on our email list
  • Dozens of activists attended a seminar on How to Be a Second Amendment Activist to kick off Orange County Gun Owners
  • Held a successful summertime membership drive recruiting over 115 members
  • Board Member and Santee City Councilmember Rob McNelis published a scathing op-ed about Gore's refusal to follow the law
  • Attended the first of several meetings with Sheriff Gore and his staff to work on changing his CCW policies
  • Launch of the Activist Update video series
  • Authored a 5-0 resolution for the Santee City Council to authorize Mayor Minto to send a letter to Sheriff Gore about his CCW policies
  • Letter from Congressman Duncan Hunter to Sheriff Gore in support of SDCGO's requested changes to CCW policy


  • Doubled our expectations of membership with over 500 paid members, including 10 Ring members.
  • Brought safe shooting experiences to over 400 first-time shooters
  • Stopped gun shop license fee increase in the city of San Diego
  • Defeated two gun regulations in Encinitas before they went to a vote
  • Held multiple events with over 400 attendees each, including Christmas parties, Second Amendment Celebration dinner on the USS Midway, members only BBQ, and a mini gun show
  • Assisted Gunther Guns in overturning their denial of permit to build a shooting range
  • Media appearances in and on NBC, ABC, CBS, KUSI, Union Tribune, KOGO (Carl DeMaio Show), KCBQ (Andrea Kaye Show), KFMB (Brett Winterble Show), San Diego Reader, San Diego Business Journal, The Coast News, OSideNews
  • Held “Vote No on Prop 63” press conference, backed by a coalition of over 70 business owners, elected officials, and community leaders, which was covered by every TV news station in San Diego County
  • Supported 18 endorsed local candidates in primary and general elections financially, with volunteers, and through the first ever pro-Second Amendment voter guides
  • Provided information about opposing candidates, new gun laws, and news coverage on YouTube channel totaling over 67,000 views
  • Attended 22nd Agricultural board meeting to keep the Crossroads of the West Gun Show at Del Mar Fairgrounds
  • Have over 2800 “likes” on our Facebook page, over 800 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and over 3000 people on our email list.
  • Recently increased to 3 meetings per month in North, Central/East, and South County
  • Raised over $200,000 for pro-Second Amendment causes and initiatives

What Do We Offer?

See what SDCGO is all about!


Check out our calendar events to see what we've got going on in the community!


This site is your easy access to 2nd Amendment updates throughout the county or country for that matter. If new laws are passed, we tell you what they mean for you!


Thanks to the SDCGO, over 400 individuals have gotten first-hand shooting lessons from experienced shooters in San Diego.


Each year, SDCGO holds a memorable 2nd Amendment dinner at a different landmark in San Diego, dedicated to the preservation of the 2A rights and our members.


We hold monthly meetings all throughout San Diego County to discuss new 2nd Amendment news!


Check out SDCGO's interviews with local officials, news stations, radio shows, and other media personalities throughout the county.


SDCGO is deeply rooted within the community. We get involved and stay involved!


Be sure to check out the benefits of becoming a member - we hold exciting events all throughout the year! Our events revolve around the seasons..picnics, shooting events, and Christmas parties.

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