Weekly Email 10/27/17: A Major Award for One of SDCGO’s Own!

A Major Award for One of SDCGO’s Own!

A Major Award for One of SDCGO’s Own!
I am very proud of SDCGO public relations professional Rick Griffin was honored by The San Diego Press Club this week with a Lifetime Achievement Award!  Rick is a scholar, a gentleman, and a professional through and through. San Diego County Gun Owners is honored and proud to have him!  Thank you, Rick, for all you do to promote out organization.
An Exclusive SDCGO Training Opportunity!!
Thank you to Defensive Tactics and Firearms!!

Defensive Tactics and Firearms is proud to host the “Survive the Fight” series by Active Self Protection. Not only that, DTF has arranged an SDCGO exclusive seminar and CCW skills class!
Come listen to world renowned firearms instructor John Correia and find out what he has learned from analyzing over 10,000 self-defense videos.  
Here’s John Correia giving a shoutout to San Diego County Gun Owners! 
John Correia Shoutout to SDCGO!
John Correia Shoutout to SDCGO!
Survive the Fight Seminar
Calvary Chapel Fallbrook – 488 Industrial Way Fallbrook, CA 92028
This three hour event/Meet & Greet will distill thousands of gunfights and other defensive encounters caught on surveillance video for the most significant attitude, skills, and plan that self-defenders need to focus on to prevail in a life threatening encounter.
Survive the Fight CCW Skills Class
John has created a concealed course aligned to statistical data and based on the thousands of real life self-defense videos he has examined. Join us on the range for 6-hours of concealed carry training from one of the best in the industry. This price also includes two free seats to the Survive the Fight Seminar on November 2nd or November 3rd ($40 value).
SDCGO exclusive seminar – Thursday, November 2, 6pm-9pm
SDCGO exclusive skills class – Friday, November 3, 8am-4pm
Public seminar – Friday, November 3, 6pm-9pm
Public skills class – Saturday, November 4, 8am-4pm
Space is extremely limited. We expect all events to sell out, so register today!
CCWs in San Diego??
Throw out everything you think you know about CCWs and San Diego.  We are receiving feedback that SDCGO’s efforts to highlight Gore’s block of your right to bear arms is working.  His internal standards have been loosened and the amount of paperwork required has been lessened.  We think.
So what does this mean?  Well, we aren’t sure because Sheriff Gore’s policy is poorly written, subjective, and purposely vague.
We are asking you to help us figure it out and maybe get your CCW in the process.
Here’s how:

Step 1: Read his website, download the application, complete as much as you can. Link: https://www.sdsheriff.net/licensing/ccw.html

Step 2: Call and make an appointment for an interview. Number: 858-974-2020
Step 3: Make a list of reasons you need a CCW.  Be creative.  This part is hard to advise or offer specifics.  And this is really where you are helping.  Is Gore just making election year noise?  Or can the average law-abiding San Diegan obtain a CCW?  It is probably somewhere in the middle and we don’t know how long it will last (the election is in June), so right now is your chance!  
Step 4: Dress nicely, be polite, and go to your 1st appointment.  After you get your CCW, or are denied, please send us an email to let us know if you were successful.  What was your “good cause” statement and did it work?  How was your experience with the staff?  Were the staffers helpful or discouraging?
We hear from people all the time wanting to get their CCWs, so jump on this possible opportunity as fast as you can.  The appointment slots are going to fill up so hurry up and call to make your appointment.
Show Your SDCGO Pride!
Our biggest asset is word of mouth! Showing your SDCGO pride by wearing your polo or hat will help spread our message and show your support.
Head on over to www.sandiegocountygunowners.com/shop to get your SDCGO gear today!
Great New Blog Post!
SDCGO Board Member Joe Drammissi brings another great article on our blog about Luby’s – A Real Life Argument Against Sheriff Gore’s Dangerous CCW Policy. Read more about just one example of how CCW holders make the world a safer place.
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