Cost of Gun Ownership

Lets face it, being a shooting enthusiast is not easy on the wallet. Setting aside the cost of guns alone, there is ammo, targets, range fees, eye/ear protection, cleaning equipment, optics, professional training, etc. If you are an avid shooter none of this should be surprising.

Plus if you’re like me, you live in a state like California where gun control spews at every opportunity. Like every other gun loving Californian it seems like at least once a year (usually after some major gun related issue in the news), I am forced (and when I say forced, I mean fear driven panic purchasing) to go out and buy another few lowers, stock up on a few thousand rounds of ammo, or buy some pistol because it is falling off roster.

I heard the Head of San Diego County Gun Owners once call it “Battered Gun Owner Syndrome”. Gun owners here in California have become so used to their second amendment rights getting trampled on, that they accepted defeat. They believe it is a matter of time before they have no rights left at all and feel their only solution is to mortgage the house to horde as many guns and ammo as possible. You will know someone suffers from B.G.O.S. by his or her moans of “California’s a lost cause” or “I’m moving out of state”.

Panic Periods are interesting times. Only fear has the ability to get people to skip their child’s ballet recital to make sure they will have enough plinking ammo for their AR-15 for the next couple years. Maybe we enjoy the long lines, or maybe it’s just our way of supporting the local gun shops (especially the stores whose prices seem too double overnight). Either way, there is a better option.

Fight Back! There are organizations out there at all levels to join and get involved with. The NRA handles things at the federal level, here in California we have the CRPA, and FPC for state issues. I chose to get involved starting at the county level with the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC. We have never had anyone fighting for our rights at the county levels and you would be surprised how many stupid gun laws were started by some ignorant city council member using guns to launch his political career.

Sure joining these organizations will cost you a few bucks a month but maybe skip Starbucks once a week, take lunch from home once in a while, heck you might even skip range day and do some dry practice at home. It may take a little of your time attending a meeting or volunteering every once in a while but worst case scenario you might meet some new friends.

There will be another panic and those working to strip your rights will never let any crisis go to waste. They are very well funded and will not only attack your rights via the ballot box, but also through a culture war. We will be portrayed like a bunch of crazy people living in the past, firing machine guns in the air as we yell, “yee-haw” from the window of a lifted truck.

But don’t worry; there is a cure for “Battered Gun Owner Syndrome” ! Join Pro 2A organizations, put your time, money, and effort towards something worth fighting for, and together we can take this state back. Even if you live out of state, support us here in California were these laws get started so they don’t spread your way. Plus, we can take some of that panic money and stock up on things that are really important… like bacon.


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