Weekly Email 6/30/17: Magazine Possession Ban??? Not yet…

A Word On Endorsements from SDCGO’s Executive Director
Members and future members,
Every season is election season, and the 2018 primary is now less than a year away.  I am asked frequently about SDCGO’s endorsements so I want to give you all the details.
– SDCGO endorses only county- and city-level candidates.  We do not endorse state or federal candidates because other organizations do a great job of it, and we do not want to duplicate efforts.
– SDCGO has not endorsed anyone for the 2018 elections yet.  We are continuing to vet and research in preparation for our Board meeting in January where we will vote on endorsements.
– Our criteria for endorsing is based on:
1. The candidate’s stance on the Second Amendment and Second Amendment issues
2. The viability of the candidate
3. The candidate’s character
– If you have a favorite candidate, please work hard to make sure SDCGO knows about him/her, that they have a deep appreciation for the Second Amendment, and that they have the fundraising and infrastructure to be a viable candidate.
– Endorsed or not, SDCGO will continue to reward good behavior by candidates/elected and shine a bright light on bad behavior.
Besides our monthly meetings, the best place for information on elected City Council members who are running for office is on our website here: http://sandiegocountygunowners.com/citycouncil/
Thank you.
Michael A. Schwartz
Executive Director
Gatzke Dillon & Ballance, LLP 
Update on Magazine Ban Injunction

For more information about Gatzke Dillon & Ballance, LLP, please visit their website.

2017 Members Only BBQ Tickets Available!
Sunday, July 23rd, Free for members!
Please join us for our Second Annual Members Only BBQ, to be held at a private range in Escondido! We will have food, a shooting area, and lots of good company! This is a family friendly event, but parents are responsible for their children at all times.
This event is open to San Diego County Gun Owners members only and their guests. Registering party MUST be a member.
Get your tickets for the Members Only BBQ today! Limited quantities available!
Have you entered into the
Membership Drive yet?
  • Bulls Only Rodeo Booth – July 14-15 at Lakeside Rodeo. Volunteer here.
  • The Gun Range San Diego 3% Sale – July 15 at The Gun Range San Diego. Volunteer here.

For the latest updates, please visit www.sandiegocountygunowners.com/membershipdrive.

Help Needed – Gold Star Valor Adventures
Valor Adventures is an unforgettable one-day event that is run entirely by veterans. It is a chance for Gold Star families (families that have lost a family member in combat) to get to experience something very few get to participate in–an entire day of interactive discovery and adventure with veterans! Each Gold Star family/child (ages 8-18) will be paired with their very own veteran guide for a day of adventure. They will utilize these veterans’ military skillsets for a truly unique experience–integrating land navigation courses, treasure hunts, excavating, nature discovery, code detection, and problem solving throughout the day. Each group will encounter different challenges, obstacles, and puzzles that they will need to solve before they reach their final destination!
Active Valor hopes to give the children an experience that they will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives. Sharing this time with men and women who have honorably served our country like the loved ones they have lost provides such an impactful experience for both the families and the veterans. They get to build a friendship and bond that will hopefully continue on after the event. This day is an invaluable experience, offering the opportunity to be an impact in a community that has paid the ultimate sacrifice. We can’t wait to share this experience with you all!
For more information, visit the Valor Adventures page at https://activevalor.com/valoradventures/.
Alone and Unafraid “Red White and Brew”

Come out and celebrate the an early 4th of July and Alone and Unafraid’s one year anniversary (since our official relaunch).

Support local veteran owned business and veteran charities!

The High Dive is hosting a special keg from veteran owned Spec-Hop’s Brewery, order from the Keg and keep an event pint glass for free, or order any beer you want and pay 5.00 for the glass to keep it. Alone and Unafraid Girls will be on hand to sell you some special holiday priced apparel and will be modeling some of it for you as well.

All keg and glass sales will be split between veteran charities: Operation Rebound and Triple B Adventures. As always, Alone and Unafraid will be donating 5% of the apparel sales to Semper Fi Fund as well.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/241532833017474/
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