Weekly Email 6/15/18: Monthly Meetings Next Week!

Monthly Meetings Next Week!
Bring a Friend!
Join us for any of our three identical meetings located throughout the county, and bring a friend!
Tuesday, June 19
– Refreshments & Mingle at 6:00pm, Meeting at 6:30pm
Discount Gun Mart
, 1510 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA
Wednesday, June 20
– Refreshments & Mingle at 6:00pm, Meeting at 6:30pm
Beebe Family Arms & Munitions
, 1032 S Main Ave, Fallbrook, CA
Thursday, June 21
– Refreshments & Mingle at 6:30pm, Meeting at 7:00pm
Firearms Unknown
, 416 National City Blvd Unit B, National City, CA
Sheriff Gore won. Now what???
Many have asked if I think Sheriff Gore will continue to issue CCWs now that the election is over. I believe there are a lot of indicators that yes, he will. There are also some indicators indicators that he will tighten down the categories of people he will issue to.  
Why do I think he will continue?
This week the San Diego County Sheriff’s licensing department and firearms training department held an informational meeting for San Diego CCW instructors. There was a lot of good information and it was clear that they intend on continuing the policy to issue. The department is preparing to process a lot more CCWs and have hired staff to accommodate. Promises can always be broken, but changes in his staffing, official policy, and public information (website) lead me to believe he is going to continue his new policy.   
How do I know he is “tightening up”?
Generally, there is no reason to believe he will go back to his pre-September 2017 unreasonably restrictive policies. Since September, hundreds have been approved and not one person has been turned down due to their “good cause.” BUT…we are now seeing that people with non-work related good cause statements (hiking/camping, retired, etc) are getting push-back from the Sheriff’s clerks. Since September, we have seen retired people and people who need a CCW for hiking/camping get approved. However, now we are getting feedback that the clerks are discouraging people from applying if they cannot link it to something work related. We have not seen a full-fledged denial yet, but at least two are going through the appeal process.  
I want to be clear, you CAN get your CCW in San Diego!  
Be persistent.  
Be prepared. 
Follow our guide.  
Use our tools.  
We made an instructional video, we created a Good Cause Worksheet (with a lot of help from
!), and we have posted on our website good cause statements that were approved. Please take the time to check out our CCW page.
SDCGO Representing Your Voice
Union Tribune Commentary:
Safe, legal Del Mar gun show should not be singled out
Five times a year for the last 30 years, thousands of people have attended the gun show in Del Mar at the fairgrounds. I have attended every Del Mar gun show as a volunteer for the last 10 years. Since my first show, I have been aware of a small group of people from the Del Mar area which has opposed the Del Mar gun show and I am now seeing its members leverage recent terrible tragedies to advance their agenda.
A gun show is for law-abiding people to learn from a variety of experts all in one place. Vendors include trainers, political or social groups, and retailers that sell apparel, parts, cleaners, trinkets and ammunition. All firearms sales are processed through a federally licensed dealer. The show is focused on safety, proficiency training and adherence to the law. If a community values firearms safety, having a gun show is a great way to promote the safe, responsible usage and ownership of firearms.
It’s More Important than ever.
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