Weekly Email 5/24/19: Great Meetings This Month!

Great Meetings This Month!

Weekly Email 5/24/19

Great Monthly Meetings!!
Big thank you to
AO Sword
Poway Weapons and Gear
for hosting our meetings this month! We had another round of full houses and saw over 100 people attended our central/east, north, and south county meetings, great camaraderie, and lots of updates about what has been going on this month!
Fallbrook Monthly Meeting NEXT WEEK!
Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook so you can let everyone know you are coming and they should too.
Morgan Ballis, SDCGO Board Member and Instructor at Defensive Tactics and Firearms, is hosting our Fallbrook meeting this month!
Thank you, Morgan!
Bring a friend, come and check out this great shop, and see what you can do to help restore and protect your Second Amendment rights in California.
Got CCW?
Still waiting to apply for your CCW? Don’t wait!
Check out our calendar for all of the upcoming CCW seminars that SDCGO hosts around the County. You can also take a look at all of our SDCGO events!
Here is a list of places that are hosting seminars monthly to teach you how to get a CCW. To sign up for a seminar, call or visit their website for more details:
Are you a gun shop, range, or instructor and want to host a CCW seminar? Email us. We’ll help.
Roll Up Your Sleeves!
We need your help. We need volunteers for a few different events that are coming up fast, so please click on the link, see if there is something you can help with, and let us know.
Thank you so much for your consideration!
Life’s Better With Baseball!
SDCGO’s Afternoon With the Padres!
Come join other members of SDCGO at a baseball game! Our annual day at the park is June 30th at 1:10pm when the Padres take on the Cardinals.
We’ve already got 50 tickets sold, so join us for a fun day!!
Blog By Joe Drammissi:
Fighting Hoplophobia
The word for today is hoplophobia. Bet you didn’t know that one. Marine Col. Jeff Cooper coined the word in 1962 and defined it as an irrational fear of firearms….
Are you A Lady Who Want to Help?
Know a Lady Who Wants to Help?
program has earned a fantastic response! And now we need more help.
If you are a woman (or know a woman) who would like to be a NotMeSD Ambassador to help women find firearms training, purchase the right gun for them, and/or apply for their CCW, please contact us.
You do
need to be an expert in any of these fields. You just need to have a basic knowledge, be willing to help, and are open to learning. You do not give the firearms training; rather you help them find professional training they can afford and we will show you how.
You do not consult on which gun to buy; rather you help them find a shop that will assist them in purchasing a firearm they can afford.
We have a training guide for Ambassadors and over 150 women who have reached out to us for help in getting training, finding a firearm to purchase, or want their CCW.
Now we need YOU!
Interested in helping other women? Please email NotMeSD@SDCGO.org
Can CCW Holders Use Normal Capacity Magazines in Their Carry Gun?
We have been hearing a lot of bad information and guessing on this question. People want to know, does the sheriff have a restriction on using a magazines that holds more than 10 rounds in their carry gun?
The answer is a CCW holder can use a normal capacity magazine in their carry gun.
We asked the sheriff to add this to their FAQ section on their CCW website so he did. You can see the screenshot on the left or check out the link below for the web page.
Please forward this to everyone you know to help us get the word out.
Tune in to
Gun Sports Radio
every Sunday from 4:00 – 5:00pm on 1170AM The Answer!
Or catch up on old episodes
SDCGO Has Done The Research and Recommends
Firearms Legal Protection
For CCW Holders.
Firearms Legal Protection provides members with superior legal defense protection whenever you are using a firearm in the lawful defense of yourself and/or others.
They are backed by a vast nationwide network of experienced firearm attorneys, and members are equipped with service and support from the moment the covered event occurs.
San Diego County Gun Owners proudly supports Firearms Legal Protection.
Paid for by San Diego County Gun Owners Political Action Committee
FPPC ID # 1379388
PO Box 124667 | San Diego CA 92112 | (619) 828-3006 |



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