Weekly Email 2/23/18: Press Release: Gun Owners Are Ready To Have A Conversation

California Gun Law Convention
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We are excited to present our Second Annual California Gun Laws Convention! This year we will have a panel focused on the legal aspect, and a second panel focused on activism.
Keynote Speaker:  AWR Hawkins
and Allen Chandler (President of Firearms Legal Protection)
$20 for general admission. San Diego County Gun Owners members and Orange County Gun Owners members will receive a $10 coupon at the door to Poway Weapons and Gear!
Press Release:
A Statement on the Tragedy in Florida
Gun Owners Are Ready to Have A Conversation

A high-profile mass murder and again, the nation is saddened and horrified to hear about the heinous acts of violence committed by a highly troubled young man who showed many clear signs that he needed help. It goes without saying that law-abiding gun owners abhor acts of violence, whether the offender is using a gun or not. It is our passion and our respect of an individual’s life that makes us committed Second Amendment supporters. We feel for the victims, their families, and their loved ones.

San Diego County Gun Owners’ job and the job of every Second Amendment organization is to have a conversation about our Second Amendment rights, not just after horrible acts of violence, but 365 days a year. We want to have a conversation about our Second Amendment protected rights throughout the year and not just when the topic makes the headlines.

So, what’s standing in our way?

New Blog Post
It’s Time to End Gun Free Zones

SDCGO Board Member Joe Drammissi brings us another thought-provoking blog post – It’s Time to End Gun Free Zones.

Last Chance to Sign Up!

Join hundreds of other San Diegans at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute for a weekend of education, mingling, and raising money for a good cause!

Check out www.charitycourse.gives for more information.

More Upcoming Training Opportunities!

This 8-hour carbine clinic is designed for shooters with a beginner through intermediate level of skill. No previous formal training required.
In this 7-hour class beginners and experienced students create a solid foundation of skill sets to best serve them for home and self-defense. And TUFF is covering the range fees for this course!
Find us at www.sdcgo.org
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