SDCGO issues statement on Santee City Council recount; ‘unsubstantiated attempt to delegitimize’ Dustin Trotter’s five-vote victory

SDCGO issues statement on Santee City Council recount; ‘unsubstantiated attempt to delegitimize’ Dustin Trotter’s five-vote victory

Press Release 12/14/2020

San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO), a political action committee promoting Second Amendment rights, has issued a statement regarding the upcoming recount in the Santee City Council District 4 race between Republican Dustin Trotter and Democrat Samm Hurst, which Trotter won by five votes, 3,920 votes to 3,915 votes. SDCGO endorsed Trotter in the November general election.

The San Diego County Democratic Party, on behalf of Hurst, recently sent a letter to Registrar of Voters Michael Vu requesting a manual recount, which begins Monday, Dec. 14. The letter was sent by Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party and executive board member of the California Democratic Party. On Dec. 3, Vu certified election results, declaring Trotter the winner.

“We are appalled over this clearly partisan effort to meddle with election results and overturn a duly certified election,” said Michael Schwartz, executive director, SDCGO. “There is no evidence of fraud. It’s unconscionable nonsense to push baseless claims of voter fraud. The recount is a blatant and unsubstantiated attempt to delegitimize Trotter’s victory and disenfranchise registered voters in Santee by using technicalities to invalidate a sufficient number of votes to change the outcome.”

Schwartz said representatives from SDCGO are expected to serve as official observers during the laborious recount process, which may take about five days to complete.

“During a lockdown-caused pandemic, when the entire state is shut down and lives are in danger, we find this recount to be an attack on our American democracy and our citizens’ personal safety,” said Schwartz. “The hypocrisy of the Democrats is on full display. It’s not okay to leave your house and run your business to support your family, but it’s okay to leave your house to steal an election and thwart the democratic process. It is ridiculous.

“The Democrats are refusing to acknowledge the results of a free and fair election, so they are choosing to abuse our democratic system.  The election is over, and it is time to come together and bring unity.  Instead, the Democratic leaders are choosing to be divisive with accusations of fraudulent election results. Questioning the integrity of our election is not what the people of Santee want.”

Schwartz said SDCGO is supporting an online fund to help with Trotter’s anticipated legal expenses. Trotter is a carpenter and small business owner. “San Diego Democrats are attempting to deny Dustin Trotter his victory by claiming votes for Dustin are illegitimate votes,” said Schwartz. “We cannot allow them to destroy the voices of each individual voter in Santee’s District 4. Contributions will help Dustin with the legal help needed to make sure the votes of our citizens aren’t stolen in this political scheme.”

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