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Election Day Email
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Gun Owners Vote!
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For the June election we have put together a list of races we need gun owners to help. We want you to make the difference and help these targeted races go our way. Before we endorse a candidate, we do the research. We do not just rely on a questionnaire, we don’t care what political party they belong to, and we want to see actions; not just words.  
To research each candidate, we interview the candidate in person, we interview their staff, we search for public statements, we check on their voting records, and we make them put their promises in writing. We take the time and do the work it takes to make the right decision.  
We take the time and do the work because the Second Amendment is that important.
We will have another voter guide for the November election. On June 5th, we need you to vote for our pro Second Amendment candidates and tell as many of your friends to vote too. Forward this voter guide and email to everyone you know. 
Gun Owners VOTE! 
This is how together, we will win.
Thank you.  
Michael A. Schwartz
Executive Director
San Diego County Gun Owners 
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