Weekly Email 3/9/18: Time is Running Out!

Union Tribune Op-Ed
SDCGO Board Member Joe Drammissi recently published an Op-Ed in the San Diego Union Tribune about giving trained teachers the opportunity to carry on campus. 
Time is Running Out! Get Your California Gun Law Convention Tickets Today!
Come hear how the laws are changing and how they’ve already changed.
We are excited to present our Second Annual California Gun Laws Convention! This year we will have a panel focused on the legal aspect, and a second panel focused on activism.
Special Guest on Gun Sports Radio!
We have a special guest on this week’s Gun Sports Radio!
Heard about Griffin Mccullar? He quit his job at Dick’s Sporting Goods because of their new age discrimination and anti-Second Amendment policy.

We will be interviewing Griffin at 4pm this Sunday, March 11, on San Diego’s very own Gun Sports Radio! Tune in on 1170am. Sundays from 4pm to 5pm!
Second Amendment Celebration Dinner!
New Champagne Sponsor!
We are proud to announce our first Champagne Sponsor!!! Thank you to Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers for their sponsorship!
Find us at www.sdcgo.org
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