Weekly Email 3/31/19: #NotMeSD! And Hi-Cap Mags LEGAL????

#NotMeSD! And Hi-Cap Mags LEGAL????

Weekly Email 3/31/19

#NotMeSD Press Conference
On Friday, March 29th at Discount Gun Mart in San Diego, SDCGO had a press conference to announce our new initiative to stop sexual assault and domestic violence by providing trained volunteer “Ambassadors” to work with any women who chooses, to buy her first firearm, get the training she needs, and obtain a California CCW.
#NotMeSD is a program focused on women, created by women, and run by women of SDCGO. It is a one-on-one mentoring program where volunteers guide women through the process of becoming trained gun owners.
Almost 40 women attended to hear speakers Laura Schwartz, Wendy Hauffen, Jacquie Atkinson, Cajon Valley School Board Member Jill Barto, and Monica Fay talk about the #NotMeSD program and why they support the cause.
All major news station in San Diego attended. The response has been outstanding! In just the first 36 hours, we have had 100 responses from San Diegan woman wanting to own a firearm, get training, and apply for a CCW.
Thank you to the women who are helping make this possible as volunteers.
Check out the news links below and check out our #NotMeSD webpage:
Normal Capacity Magazines LEGAL Now???
HUGE news and a great job by the NRA! Local San Diegan and outstanding lady Vicky Duncan is the plaintiff in a lawsuit against California for banning normal capacity magazines. That ban has been in place for 19 years!!!! And finally, there is a good decision from the courts.
THIS is why we are NRA members, folks!
SDCGO has been very hesitant to comment on this. We are not a law firm. That is not our area of expertise so the question “what’s this mean?” is one we can’t answer with a degree of confidence.
The judge’s written decision appears to invalidate ALL magazine limits in California by pointing out the obvious – magazines are “arms” and therefore should be afforded the same protections.
Some shops are selling normal magazines right now. Some are not. We think both have very strong points and reasons.
Lawyers we’ve spoken to believe that technically, right now (this weekend) magazines of all kinds are legal to buy, sell, import, and posses thanks to the lawsuit. Everyone seems to agree that California’s Attorney General will appeal and this great decision will be on hold again.
As always, we suggest you get your legal advice from a lawyer.
I do believe the best synopsis of the entire situation, from beginning to now:
Venison and Vinson’s!
Founding Board member Scott Vinson hosted a fantastic BBQ at his house for our south county meeting on Thursday. He fed everybody with venison that he harvested in Alabama and it….was…delicious!
We heard from Sen. Joel Anderson who is running for County Supervisor and Cajon Valley School Board member Jill Barto.
Thank you all for coming!
Interior Department Shoots Down SD County’s Plan Officially
Channel 10 called for comment on the federal government telling San Diego County to go pound sand when it comes to bans on shooting.
Long time do-nothing Supervisor Dianne Jacob looked to cap off her lack-luster career in elected office by banning shooting. Is this her first unconstitutional act? No, but this time the Sec. of the Interior stopped her.
When SDCGO heard a ban was being proposed by Supervisor Jacob (despite having little support by her constituents), we wanted to help. Rather than hope it did not pass and then sue after it did, we decided to do what we are designed to do: ACT!
Lawsuits are expensive and take a long time. Look at how long the magazine ban has taken and we are still not done. So we decided to go straight to the top!
SDCGO member and former Navy SEAL Dan Yowell happened to serve with then Sec of the Interior Zenke. So we called the Secretary. At the time we spoke to him and his senior staff, the issue of banning shooting in San Diego had not been brought up to them at all.
SDCGO worked with wop officials at the Department of the Interior, we requested they put it all in writing, and then we got Congressman Duncan Hunter to follow up to get them to respond. And respond, they did! It is now crystal clear that there will be no ban. The news story is linked below.
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Life’s Better With Baseball!
SDCGO’s Afternoon With the Padres!
Come join other members of SDCGO at a baseball game! Our annual day at the park is June 30th at 1:10pm when the Padres take on the Cardinals.
IF….we get 20 or more people, then Ted Leitner will announce a “welcome to San Diego County Gun Owners”. So that’s our goal. Help us!
Did You Know…
Yes, you can now obtain a CCW in San Diego. How?
There are seminars monthly that walk your through the entire process and they are free!
Here is a list of places that are hosting seminars monthly to teach you how to get a CCW.
Call or visit their website for more details:
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