Shooting Socials

Education and outreach has been a part of who San Diego County Gun Owners is from the very beginning.   Our diverse group of volunteers work to expand the shooting sport community and educate voters.  For just $60/person, we can give you a safe, fun, safe, and educational first-time shooting experience.

Here is what SDCGO can offer a new shooter:

  • 1. One-on-one mentoring with an experienced volunteer
  • 2. Safety briefing in a classroom
  • 3. 2 Hours of range rental
  • 4. Gun(s) to learn with
  • 5. 50 rounds of ammunition
  • 6. A paper target
  • 7. Eye protection
  • 8. Ear protection

This is at least a $100 value and maybe as much as a $250 value.  We offer it for $60 just to cover costs and give you a great experience.


A:  It is an event to introduce people to the shooting sports with a group of people who socialize together in another way like work, church, clubs, etc.

A: People who are not legally permitted to possess a firearm like felons may not participate in these events.

A:  Mentors are the volunteers who work with you, one-on-one, during these events.  Mentors come from all backgrounds.  They are experienced shooters who will show you how to shoot their personal firearm(s).

A:  Yes, but please follow all local laws regarding the transport of firearms.  Firearms should be brought to the range in a locked container, unloaded, and separate from ammunition.

A:  No.  Most of our participants have never shot a gun.  Those with experience have always said they picked up some great tips from our mentors.

A:  You will need a government-issued ID. Aside from closed toe shoes, there are no other requirements.  Avoid shirts with low neck lines.

A:  Everything you need to participate in this event is covered by your fee, along with a safety briefing from experienced range staff, and a mentor who will stay with you throughout the whole shooting process.

Want more information or would you like to set up a Shooting Social and need help?
Email Desi at for help and more information.