SDCGO calls on the County Board of Supervisors to end their anti-Second Amendment propaganda project.

SDCGO says the real reason for this project is nothing more than excessive gun restrictions.


  • At the San Diego County Board of Supervisors regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023, the Supervisors received an update on a program whose purpose is to “reduce gun violence.”
  • At the meeting, the San Diego District Attorney and San Diego Sheriff’s Office presented statistics and information that proved that the Supervisors’ project to reduce gun violence is focused on the wrong issue.

As reported by the DA and Sheriff:

  • The seven “Gun Violence Reduction Listening Sessions” held in 2023 were mainly focused on asking the public to eradicate “ghost guns” (un-serialized guns) and further restrict firearms storage inside private homes.
  • San Diego law enforcement confiscated about 200 recovered ghost guns in 2022, which was only around 6 percent of the total firearms confiscated.
  • In 2022, there were 224 deaths where a firearm was involved.
  • Suicide accounted for more than 62 percent of deaths where a firearms was involved.
  • Suicide accounted for more than accident, crime, or defensive gun use combined. Suicide is, by far, the biggest reason San Diego has “gun violence.”

Michael Schwartz, speaking at the El Cajon Gun Violence Listening Session.

Statements from Michael Schwartz, SDCGO executive director:

  • “SDCGO is concerned that the County was unconcerned with statistics for defensive gun uses where someone used a firearm to prevent or stop a violent crime.”
  • “SDCGO is demanding that the County Board of Supervisors stop using the guise of preventing violent crime for their anti-gun agenda.”
  • “San Diegans live in a county and a state with the most restrictive gun laws in the country and people going through a mental crisis have almost no help.”
  • “A real solution will only happen if the County is truly dedicated to recognizing reality and fact rather than pushing their extreme politics on San Diegans.”
  • “SDCGO, its members, its staff and its leadership are asking the County Board to put aside their political, anti-gun agenda and help people who need it.”

News Media Contact:

Michael Schwartz, SDCGO, (858) 335-9320.

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