Responding To The Ammo Shortage – Is It Hoarding or Just Being Prepared?

Gun owners that shoot once or twice a year may not have noticed, but the rest of us have been experiencing a severe ammo shortage for the past six months or so. There’s been a great deal of discussion on the internet regarding the culpability of ammo manufacturers in the shortage. Gary Brennan, President of the San Diego County Wildlife Federation provided this video link to Federal, CCI, Speer, and Remington President Jason Vanderbrink explaining the situation. The video should calm any conspiracy fears.

The shortage was caused by a perfect storm of events. We’ve added seven million new gun owners since March. This was likely influenced by widespread social unrest the government was unwilling to address. The unrest also spurred existing gun owners to stock up on ammo. In addition to the sharp increase in demand, the government overreaction to the COVID-19 virus wreaked havoc on the supply chain and manufacturing facilities. All this combined to make it impossible for supply to meet demand. Add to this the incoming anti-Second Amendment (2A) administration along with the continuing COVID-19 hysteria and the shortage is likely to extend well into 2021.

Long time gun owners know that ammo shortages occur from time to time for various reasons. The question becomes how to deal with them. Is stocking up on ammo during normal times hoarding or just being prudent and responsible?

My opinion is that stocking up during normal times is not hoarding but just being responsible. Your gun is useless without ammunition. How much ammo should you have on hand? Opinions vary from as little as six month’s worth all the way up to as much as a ten year supply. So what should it be?

The current shortage started in the spring of 2019 and is likely to go at least through the spring of 2021. Once the supply catches up, it’s still likely to take several months for the prices to return to normal.

The first step to figuring out how much ammo you should keep on hand is to determine how much you use. How often do you get to the range in a typical month and how much of what caliber ammo do you shoot? Multiply that by twelve and you’ll have a good idea of how much ammo you shoot in a year.

Knowing that shortages occur from time to time and it could be a year or longer before supplies and prices return to normal you should plan accordingly. The idea is not to accumulate a stockpile for the apocalypse, but to have enough ammo on hand so that your normal training routine can continue throughout the shortage.

Keep in mind that these shortages also impact reloading components. Currently primers are impossible to get. If you are a reloader you must also consider reloading materials in your plan.

I shoot about 10000 rounds of 9mm (most of which I reload) and lesser amounts of various other calibers in a year. For me, my comfort level is to have three to four years-worth of ammo and reloading supplies on hand. What’s your comfort level?

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