Put Your Past in Your Behind – 2020 is Finally Over!

We can finally close the door on 2020! While the effects of this challenging year will likely be felt for some time, we can now embrace a fresh, new year with energy and optimism. Hakuna-matata!

If you’ve read my articles you know I’m a big proponent of being informed. It’s impossible to make good decisions without good information. Responsibility for much of the chaos and suffering that occurred in 2020 can be laid at the doorstep of a largely misinformed/uniformed public. Consider the following:

  • Riots sparked by misinformation and ignorance regarding police work and crime
  • Outrageous government overreach fueled by media/government created mass hysteria over COVID-19, a virus with a survival rate over 99%
  • An education system (K-12 and higher education) that indoctrinates rather than educates
  • Suppression of free speech with the cancel culture, ideas are no longer debated
  • Intentional misinformation spread by the media and big tech
  • Rewriting American history, statues and monuments vandalized (a statue of Frederick Douglass was toppled by people who have no idea who Douglass was)
  • A younger generation embracing socialism while having no idea of what socialism is or that it always fails

These are just a few examples of what can happen when people are uninformed. There are many others. If we do indeed end up with a Biden administration in 2021, we can expect the vigorous use of misinformation in their anti-Second Amendment crusade.

An uninformed public is an easily manipulated public. Given that, I thought I’d share five sources of information that I use regularly. There are many others and you should seek out the ones you trust and stay informed.

  • Massad Ayoob on GunsAyoob’s blog on the Backwoods Home Magazine site offers a wealth of information on guns, the gun community, self-defense, and all the related politics. It’s generally very informative as well as entertaining. Massad Ayoob is one of the legends of the firearms world and regular visits to his blog are well worth your time.
  • John Correia of Active Self Protection – John Correia should be familiar to anyone who carries regularly. Correia’s YouTube channel offers actual crime videos uploaded daily. Correia critiques each video explaining the actions of both the criminal and defender and offers some of the best self-defense information on the internet.
  • NRA Publications – The site offers articles from seven NRA publications with topics including Second Amendment politics, hunting, shooting sports, rifles, handguns, and much more.
  • Just Facts – This site contains some of the most accurate and credible information available on a variety of subjects from immigration to gun control. Anti-gun proponents use misinformation extensively in their war on the Second Amendment. Just Facts should be your first stop in checking out questionable information.
  • Powerline Blog Powerline is run by three attorneys and a law professor who create insightful, informative, and entertaining articles on a variety of subjects related to politics and culture. I’ve been reading them for over a dozen years and there’s no better source of information about what is happening in America.

The right to self-defense is a basic human right. Gun ownership is an integral part of that right. If you want to keep your rights defend them by joining San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) in San Diego, Orange County Gun Owners (OCGO) in Orange County, San Bernardino County Gun Owners (SBCGO) in San Bernardino County or Riverside County Gun Owners (RCGO) in Riverside. Support the cause by listening to Gun Owners Radio live on Sunday afternoon or on the internet at your leisure. Join the fight and help us restore and preserve our second amendment rights. Together we will win.


©2021 Joseph T Drammissi


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