KUSI: San Diego Gun Owners Take Action to Save Del Mar Gun Show




Tuesday, Carlos Amezcua interviewed Michael Schwartz, Executive Director of San Diego County Gun Owners, about the Crossroads of the West Gun Show and what they are doing to make sure it continues.

Schwartz showed his stack of 3,000 letters that were collected at the gun show this past weekend, all voicing support for continuing the show.

Schwartz says the key points made in the letters are:

— Please renew the gun show contract with Crossroads of the West with no new restrictions or limitations.

— The gun show is a safe and legal place for enthusiasts to attend and learn more about firearms, firearms safety and firearms training.

— The gun show event is a great place for couples and families to spend time together learning more about an American sport and tradition. The educational and entertainment value is immeasurable.

— Do not ban this resource for the public, which helps keep San Diegans law-abiding and safe.

— Do not villainize my family and discriminate against us, it is nothing short of bigotry.

— To blame me for crimes involving guns is insulting to hundreds of thousands of gun owners in Southern California. We resent the uninformed opponents to the gun show painting gun owners as dangerous.



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