Hello All SDCGO Members,.
Summer Stephan is the District Attorney, and is our endorsed Pro Gun Candidate. Her race is winnable, but billionaire George Soros has purchased $800,000 worth of TV time to work against Summer.
We ALL must make a donation to her campaign. Why? Because SDCGO exists to help LOCAL Pro Second Amendment Candidates. Our SDCGO membership fee of $120 or $1000 a year only goes so far. In targeted races like this we need to go beyond.
If Summer’s opponent becomes District Attorney, then any of us who might have some legal issue with firearms are at HIGH RISK.
Summer’s opponent is likely to throw the book at us or our friends in the unlikely event that we cross some firearms law. Our main defense is to have PRO SECOND AMENDMENT people in office, especially the District Attorney! 
If you value you Second Amendment rights, and you want all of us to be under a Pro Second Amendment District Attorney, making a donation now is VITAL.
If all of us do even $10 it will be a huge boost and it will show Summer Stephan that we are fully behind her. At a minimum do that, but nearly all of is can do $25, $50 100 and even the max which is $800 each (for husband and wife it is $1,600 combined).
Go to this link and make a donation.
Please don’t hesitate, don’t “think about it” and don’t tell yourself you will do it later. We need to help her now as the primary is just around the corner.
Do something. Do as much a you can, but do SOMETHING, right away.
PLEASE, do it now!
Thank you.
Leo Hamel
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