Every Woman Has Her Own Story

This is a guest post by #NotMeSD Project Manager Desiree Bergman.

Imagine a typical evening trip to the grocery store.  As you are loading groceries into your car, someone comes up from behind you and begins to drag you away from your car. This scenario happens thousands of times a year across the nation.  Knowing how to properly respond to this scenario could be the difference between life and death.

Every woman out there has her own personal story to tell.  Not all stories end well, and many women have been victims of rape or domestic violence.  These women are not alone.  There are many programs and support groups to help empower women to take charge of their own protection.  One such group is #NotMeSD.

I am fortunate to have never been a victim of rape or domestic violence and I work to empower other women to take charge of their own security and wellbeing.  I am the project manager of #NotMeSD and I am very passionate about our program.  Through #NotMeSD I have been able to help women find the tools to protect themselves.  I have personally helped women who have been victims of rape or domestic violence.  These women have so much gratitude for #NotMeSD and the help we provide because we make a difference.

#NotMeSD specializes in helping women find training, pick out a handgun, and obtain their concealed carry weapons permit, but there are many other tools a woman can have to protect herself.  On Saturday, May 1st, the ladies of #NotMeSD were invited to take a Krav Maga self-defense class, the first to ever be promoted through our program.

I took the class because I always want to learn more skills to protect myself because you just never know what can happen.  I learned how to get out of a choke hold, run away if someone bear hugged me from behind, and the mentality to do whatever it takes to get away.

If you are attacked and it’s their life or yours, choose your life and forget being nice, leave your conscience behind, and do what you can to get away.  Getting away could mean hurting your attacker, but its them or you, choose you every time.

As I took the Krav Maga class, I noticed at times, there were women who had to step out and take a moment because the scenarios were hitting too close to home.  I knew every single lady in the class and as I watch the room, I realized, you just never know who has a story to tell.  Some of these women who had to step out, I was very close to but had no idea of their past.

One woman who had stepped away was one of the sweetest, most innocent girls I know and never thought she could have been a victim of attack.  As I sat with her, and gave her a hug, she was very honest with me about an event that had happened years ago.  She came to the class because she wanted to learn how to protect herself, so she wouldn’t be a victim again.

The world is not as safe as some of us would hope.  Bad people exist, and rape and domestic violence can occur to anyone, no matter their age, gender, or race.  If you are a woman and want help to be your own protector, seek training, find knowledge, and if you want help with anything firearms related, go to notmesd.org and we are happy to help.


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