Encinitas Advocate: Gun show protesters, supporters gather at Del Mar Fairgrounds


Encinitas Advocate

Michael Schwartz, executive director of San Diego County Gun Owners, spoke during a news conference at the show’s entrance. He said in a statement issued beforehand that it’s “crucial that we gather to speak out and defend the fundamental right to self defense for law-abiding citizens, oppose an extremist gun-control agenda, and stand strong in support of the Second Amendment.”

In an interview, Schwartz said advocates for stricter gun control wrongfully conflate gun crimes with California’s lawfully operating gun shows, which adhere to regulations including federal background checks and a mandatory 10-day waiting period to obtain a firearm.

As the lawsuit over gun shows at the fairgrounds moves forward, Schwartz said San Diego County Gun Owners will be supporting candidates at the county and city level who are more amenable to local gun owners.



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