CCW – What Else do You Need?

At some point San Diego County residents will regain the right to use firearms for self defense outside the home. This is likely to happen in the not too distant future due to overwhelming public interest. When it does, people need to consider everything they’ll need to responsibly exercise that right if they so choose.

Frequently during an SDCGO meeting or presentation the subject of concealed carry (CCW) comes up. Typically about 75% of the audience indicates an interest in obtaining a CCW permit. While having the ability to use a firearm for self-defense is a right, it carries with it a huge responsibility. People that choose to exercise that right need to thoroughly think these responsibilities through.

So what is needed? Obviously an appropriate carry gun and holster. Equally important is continued training both on firearms, to maintain the necessary skills, and the law to be sure you understand exactly your responsibilities.

Less obvious but equally important is some kind of carry insurance. If you are ever involved in a deadly force incident regardless of having done everything correctly and within the law several things are likely to happen. You may be arrested. You may be prosecuted. You may be sued in civil court. All of these things may happen even if you’ve done nothing wrong. The financial impact can quickly become significant.

Anyone choosing a carry lifestyle has a responsibility to consider these possibilities and proceed accordingly. The following are three organizations that provide support and assistance to those involved in legal self-defense incidents.

The Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) in their own words focus on “the preparation, education and legal defense of Network members who defend themselves and their families, then face unmeritorious prosecution by the criminal justice system”. The ACLDN provides a wealth of information on all aspects of concealed carry to members. I’m an ACLDN member and find that it meets my needs very well.

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is another organization that serves the concealed carry community. USCCA focuses on education and general information of interest as well as offering several carry insurance options to members. I regularly visit their site and take advantage of the valuable information posted there.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) recently rolled out their Carry Guard insurance intended for those who exercise their concealed carry rights. This program offers training and carry insurance options backed by the NRA.

The three organizations mentioned above are definitely worth exploring along with the many other available options. ACLDN and USCCA both provide valuable information on avoiding bad situations as well as dealing with the aftermath of a deadly force incident. Regardless of what you eventually decide, anyone considering concealed carry should consider the subject of insurance and make the decision that is right for him or her. It’s also worth remembering that a self-defense situation involving deadly force can occur in the home as well as on the street and can also involve the same unpleasant possibilities.

Look for future posts addressing various issues related to concealed carry.

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