A Discussion With a Local Range Owner Regarding Carry Insurance

For the time being, Sheriff Gore has responded to political pressure and relaxed his CCW permit policy. Because of the growing number of CCW permit holders, options for carry insurance are of great interest to a growing number of people within the firearms community. This type of insurance is something all gun owners should consider whether they are part of the concealed carry community or not.

The following is a conversation with John Phillips, President and Founder of Poway Weapons and Gear (PWG). John feels very strongly about the need for this type of coverage and has come up with a way to offer insurance to PWG members. He’s here to share some information on the program.

SDCGO:What is the PWG program and how did it come about?

JP:PWG spent over two years searching and interviewing options for a firearms self-defense protection that would truly be there when you need it.  What we found was that there was a ton of false promises and false advertising.  In the end, the one true winner was Firearms Legal Protection (FLP).  Once we actually knew what we were looking at and how to compare apples-to-apples, they were the clear winner.

SDCGO: Why should gun owners in general and CCW permit holders in particular have carry insurance?

JP:Really it is no different than auto or health insurance.  You don’t really need it….until you really need it!  Most people think that their homeowners or other insurance covers them.  It doesn’t!

In many cases, anyone who uses a gun for self-defense will learn that they have to “prove” they were in the right.  That requires lawyers in every case and requires money.  FLP is only $120 per year (free for PWG members), yet just getting a lawyer retained is typically a $5,000-$10,000 cost. That’s a LOT of years of FLP premiums.  Note, if anyone involved in a self-defense incident isn’t talking through a lawyer to the police or anyone else, they are helping to write the charges against themselves.

SDCGO: What benefits does PWG provide its members?

JP: As a member of PWG, anyone who has taken our Concealed American class will get FLP insurance for free as long as they are a member.  ($10 savings per month on their membership fee basically). We also offer coverage that covers the entire country as well as entire family if people are interested.

SDCGO: There are a number of organizations that provide “carry insurance”. Why should gun owners choose the PWG program over other insurance providers?

JP: This answer could take pages to explain. The easiest answer is that FLP is not insurance. It is a “co-op” program for better understanding.  It is a business.  They insure, educate and are very quick to get attorneys involved.  They feel that the faster the professionals get involved in the case, the sooner the case gets closed, and for much less cost.  But here is what really put me over the edge:  There is a disclaimer in every insurance policy that basically says, “if you are convicted of a crime, insurance proceeds cannot be used towards  reimbursement of any part of the claim”.

Let’s use an example: What if you used a gun for self-defense where you were in the clear, but you used a gun that wasn’t registered to you (purchased in another state, moved to CA and forgot to tell CA about it.).  You get charged for having an unregistered gun, a misdemeanor….but now the insurance company cannot reimburse you for any damages (by law) for your entire case.

Also, insurance has to be “adjusted by an adjustor” so until they decide to cover you, you are on your own…..you have to use your money up front.  FLP covers you from the moment you call their 800 number and talk to the person who answers….who will always be a lawyer.  They will then find you a gun lawyer locally and get someone to you immediately.  No waiting from Friday to Monday or holidays, you get help right away.

SDCGO: How does the PWG program compare to other available carry insurance policies?

JP: Many of these programs are blowing up. The NRA’s carry insurance is a joke and the NRA is getting fine after fine from states across the country.  That will be going away soon, I am sure.  As I said earlier, most other coverage is an “insurance” which is a liability to every member who buys the insurance.

SDCGO: How can members be confident that if they are involved in a self defense incident, the PWG program will be there to provide the expected help and that they won’t be denied financial assistance?

JP: FLP has proven to be there for its members.  They have great stories of successes and they go as far as making an app for your phone that has the laws, information and most importantly a “panic” button you press when you have an incident and need coverage.  More notable, it isn’t just self-defense they will cover you from. What if you get pulled over on the way to the range and the cop says you have an assault weapon?  But you don’t.  You still go to jail and wait for the DA to decide. You need a lawyer and FLP covers you there as well.

SDCGO: Will the PWG program provide financial assistance to help members defend against civil action?

JP: No, Civil is on your own, and that is where your personal insurance should kick in.

SDCGO: Where can people find additional information on the PWG program?

JP: Additional information can be found at https://secure.firearmslegal.com/Main/Home/ 


All gun owners should consider the need for carry insurance or coverage of some sort. There are many options available and should you decide to purchase, you should carefully consider your options and choose the provider that is right for you.

If you want to keep your rights defend them by joining San Diego County Gun Owners, the California Rifle and Pistol Association, and the National Rifle Association. Join the fight and help us restore and preserve our second amendment rights. Together we will win.


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