Americans Need to Ask……

Americans need to ask a question: In what kind of country do we wish to live? There are actually many questions that Americans need to ask when the COVID-19 hysteria finally winds down and people can think clearly again, but they are mostly all captured in the opening question.

What we’ve seen across the country over the past six weeks is unprecedented. We’ve seen our rights taken away or ignored by local politicians and unelected bureaucrats. All in the name of what is very much a media driven, politically motivated crisis based on a very real virus. The Constitution doesn’t go away just because someone declares an emergency.

To be fair to policymakers, in the beginning they didn’t really know much. Decisions were guided by extremely frightening models predicting very high infection rates and huge numbers of fatalities. It made sense to err on the side of caution. We know now that the models were grossly incorrect and continued to be wrong even after multiple updates. Today policy should be based on accurate data rather than incorrect theory.

For a sober and enlightening look at the current COVID-19 situation in California take a few minutes and view this video by a California doctor. Also notice how the media, in this case YouTube, attempted to suppress this information. The facts of the current COVID-19 situation in California in no way justify the extreme restrictions and continuing loss of rights that Californians are suffering.

The current stay at home orders and forced shutdown of businesses are needlessly hurting millions of Californians. Ridiculous definitions for essential and non-essential businesses are arbitrarily hurting Californians. The carwash is essential, but the bait and tackle shop is not. All businesses are essential to our economy! Individuals should be trusted to take responsibility for their own safety and live their lives. Businesses should be trusted to take responsibility for the safety of employees and customers. Businesses and individuals should be allowed to base their decisions on facts not fear.

We have an election coming up in November. Citizens living in Free America as well as those of us here in the People’s Republic will have the opportunity to choose our leaders. I hope all Americans ask and demand answers to many questions between now and then. For Californians, we might consider the following:

  • Do we want to return people to power who use a public health crisis as an excuse to close gun shops?
  • Do we want a media that advocates withholding medical care from those who protest stay at home orders should they contract COVID-19?
  • Do we want a media that absolutely refuses to report information accurately to the public?
  • Do we want leaders who would fine people $1000 and threaten six months in jail for sitting in their cars and watching a sunset?
  • Do we want bureaucrats to be able to require Americans to wear masks in public under threat of fine and jail?
  • Do we trust the judgement of those who say it’s safe to walk on a beach, but not to sit on a beach?
  • Do we want local politicians who ban us from our parks, our beaches, our trails? Who criminalize surfing, boating, hiking, biking all in the name of a public health crisis?
  • Do we want people in power who use an alleged public health crisis to discard the Constitution?

In what kind of country do we wish to live? How much power do we want politicians to have? How much power do we want unelected bureaucrats (think County Health officials) to have? How much power do we want law enforcement to have? What needs to change before the next crisis? In what kind of country do we wish to live? It’s up to us. We’re the people.

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©2020 Joseph T Drammissi


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