A message on the tragedy in Las Vegas

A message on the tragedy in Las Vegas


Like you, I am sickened and saddened by the horrific mass murder that happened Sunday night at a concert in Las Vegas.  Reading about it, hearing about it, and viewing the video taken by witnesses put a lump in my throat all day yesterday.  I don’t know how any of us kept from shedding a tear.  May the families of the victims and the survivors fully heal physically and emotionally, but never forget those who were lost.

The majority are letting law enforcement work, helping those around us heal, and waiting for the answers to so many questions about these senseless murders.  However, we are also seeing elected officials, former presidential candidates, talk show hosts, “journalists”, “comedians”, and letters to the editor that are using this tragedy as an opportunity to advance their political agenda.  I am as sorry to see this response as you are.  Their timing is ghoulish, their suggestions are unfounded, and their political motivation is clear. The last thing we want to do in a time of tragedy is talk politics.

“There is no legislation that will strip evil from an immoral man.”

– SDCGO Board Member Warren Mandfredi

I wish SDCGO did not have to respond to these political stunts, but we know that you want us to be a voice of reason against those who leverage tragedy to advance their agenda.  Standing in the way of those who want to force their agenda into your life is exactly what we are designed to do.  SDCGO will respond and continue to be a resource to media with facts and truth.  We will not turn our response into a fundraising request or membership opportunity.  We certainly will not view this as an opportunity of any kind.  We will maintain the composed dignity and honor you have come to expect from San Diego County Gun Owners.


Thank you all.


Michael A. Schwartz

Executive Director

San Diego County Gun Owners PAC



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